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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

A New Year!

Good morning friends!

It has certainly been a long time since I have checked in with you all.  I hope the New Year is finding you happy and healthy.  

I am sitting here in our office, creating a To-Do list for the coming months, and trying to refocus my creative energies.  I've got lots of new patterns I want to try; home improvement projects I want to accomplish; and new techniques I want to learn.  I think as a creative person, I need to constantly challenge myself with new ideas, and as a home owner, much to my hubby's dismay, I am always thinking of ways to improve our 1830 colonial home.  I am looking forward to tackling more of those projects this year.

I've also decided that a calorie counting and exercise routine is in order.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall, I don't usually have a problem, as I am constantly busy in the yard, and most days walk about 3 miles or more back and forth puttering in the yard and gardens.  Winter is a bad time, so I am determined that this Winter will not get the best of me!

Our grandchildren are growing by leaps and bounds....spending time with them makes me so happy!  Below is our annual Christmas photo on our stairs.

Peter turned 11 on Dec. 21; Allie turns 11 in March; Joey is 8; Elena is 7; Todd is 6 and Grant & Nicholas are 3.

What are your plans/resolutions for the New Year?  I've love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a blessed 2024!

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  1. Happy 2024 Wendy....glad to hear you and yours are well. Your grands are lovely and, you're right, growing like weeds LOL. Love all the red hair. ;-) No resolutions here...I'm not a resolution maker generally and this year I am just striving to hang on. ~Robin~


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