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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

September musings

 It seems the older I get, the faster time seems to go...do you feel that way too?  I recall when I have a kid, running around all Summer, the days were long and full of fun.  Now, I can't seem to find enough time to do all the things on my list.  But, alas, I do manage to plug along and at least get to the important things.  

This Summer has been more wet than dry.  Most of August was a washout, which was quite disappointing after spending nearly two weeks on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, enjoying the heat and sun.   The grass has simply not stopped growing all Summer long...we usually get a hot, dry spell, when it slows down and we don't have to mow every 5 days, but oh no, not this year, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am so tired of mowing and trimming!  The rain has been good for the garden, and it has been nice not to have to drag the hose around the water all the time....so pros and cons....I can't complain about the Summer.  We had a nice vacation, we got to take the kids and grandkids out on the boat many times, and we have all been safe, happy and healthy!

 I've been quilting and crafting away in between it all, and am excited to begin Fall and Winter goodies.  They are my favorite seasons to create for.  Here are a couple of the quilts I recently finished.

Since my last post in April, the Mister has had a pacemaker put in.  It was a stressful time with all the testing to figure out what his heart issues were all about, but since May, he has been feeling great.

July, as I mentioned, was our vacation month.  We took our two oldest grandsons with us to the Outer Banks, along with our oldest son and his family.  Oh, it was a wonderful trip and such fun to see the cousins enjoying spending all that time together.

 The Great Dismal Swamp park

Lighthouse, Wright Brothers and Aquarium

Roadside Oddities (special request from Peter)

Antiquing on the way and met Bert..lol

Peter & Joey being goofy in the car

Hubby and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on August 13th.  The kids got together and arranged for us to have a weekend away.  They bought Yankees tickets, arranged for a hotel, etc.  That is this weekend, so here's hoping the weather is great and the Yankees win!

Boating on Labor Day


We've off to an open house at Ledyard Farms Morgan horse farm tonight.  They do this event annually, and show off their horses, do hay rides, and put on a huge shindig with all the food and drinks you can consume...it's a great time!  I will try to post pics soon.  We're off and running.  Please comment below and let me know how your Summer has been.  Miss you all!

Photo from last night before rain came through to put a damper on a beautiful evening.


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