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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Super Santa Event

Hi All - Just popping in to let you know I will be having a Santa Sale event over on my FB page today, Saturday, November 16th at 2 PM EST.  I'll be offering 10 new handmade Santas for your holiday decor!  Hope to you see you then!  Just click the link below to be taken to my page.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall Offerings

Good morning all.

Whew..another month has just flown by.  I've been busy working on a large order for a shop in Texas, as well as power washing and painting our porches.  We are planning to have the house sided in a couple weeks, so I wanted to get the detail painting all done before they began the siding.  The weather is nice today, but tomorrow we are expecting a big cool down, so I will be painting like mad this afternoon after a follow-up doctor's appointment for the surgery I had in September.  I have been healing well and have my old energy back, so it seems that everything is back to normal.

I have a few Fall offerings left in my Etsy shop, as well as some new Santas, so if you are are interested in any of them, you can email me at RWPrimcrafts@aol.com or just hop on over to Etsy (link to the left).

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Where did Summer go....

Here we are, Labor is upon us, and I am wondering where the last 3 months have gone.

At the beginning of Summer I learned that I would be needing surgery. Calcium levels in my blood showed I had a malfunctioning parathyroid gland...a what??  Who has ever heard of that?  It's not the thyroid, but another set of four tiny glands that sit beside the thyroid.  All Summer off and on I have been to one doctor then another, then to one hospital for scans and testing, and just the other day, to another hospital, for pre-op testing and instructions.  My surgery is on Sept 4th.  Wish me luck.  Even though I am nearing 60, this is the first time I will have had surgery, so I'm a bit apprehensive!

Since I've getting ready for my Sister to arrive from Vermont, I will make mostly a picture post of my Summer doings.  I hope all is well with you all and I will write more soon!

God bless.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Newest Offerings!

Just popping in to say Hello and Happy Spring.

I have a few new creations available on my FB page and in my Etsy shop (links to the left).

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Springtime Greetings

I've been so bad...yes I know!
It's been 3 months since I posted!  Please accept my apologies.  I am sure you all know how life can get in the way.  I've been busy though, and life just keeps rolling on.

Our winter has not been kind, with lots of frigid temps and more snow that I would have liked.  Our temps have been below normal for the past month, but we are still hopeful that Spring will come soon.

Winter has, of course, forced us to be inside, but I've been keeping busy stitching on new creations, as well as doing some wool applique and quilting.  Last June I was sharing photos of my biggest quilting endeavor...A Primitive Garden quilt.  I left off with Block #6, so here are some photos of the blocks I have completed since that time.

I am currently working on the right hand border...been having trouble getting that one done, but I am in the home stretch and will post a photo when I have it completed.  Next will be the top and bottom borders.  I fully expect this quilt to take me 2 years to complete.  I will be sending it out to get quilted, as I only have a small machine, and with that much work going into it, I want it done professionally.  Maybe some day I can even enter it in the Great New York State Fair. 

I have also completed two other quilts in the last few months.  I'm a member of the very wonderful FB group honoring Cheri Payne, quilt designer.  She passed away last January, but her cheerful nature and giving attitude continue in this awesome group.  Here are three of her quilts that I have completed. I am working on Saltbox Sampler right now.
My Country Week - This was completed just before our doggie, Jack, was hit and killed.  If you will notice, I had placed him on the quilt before this happened...so glad I did.

Embrace Each Day - made in memory of my Mom.

Old Crow - well...because I like crows (bet you never guessed that)
Hubby & I, as well as our oldest son and his wife, attend a Mardi Gras celebration last weekend.  I thought you would enjoy this photo of the Mister & I....too funny!

I mostly take photos with my phone now, so I will download some of them to my computer, and next time I will show you how much the grand-kiddos have grown!  

One last picture before we go...this is of a new Uncle Sam I created...he is ready for adoption.

Til next time dear ones....Have a Blessed Lenten Season!

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