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Monday, March 30, 2020

Reaching out....

Another week of isolation begins.  Have you been doing okay?  It is my sincere prayer that each of you, and your family, is staying healthy. 

My hubby is here, working from home, so I am not totally alone.  I keep busy with orders, and have been sewing masks as well.  We are blessed that we have food, shelter and warmth...so many are not as lucky.  We've been skyping with the grandkids, so I don't miss them quite as much, but certainly cannot wait for the time when I can wrap them in my arms again.  Our oldest grandson talked my ear off while skyping with him last week...we chatted for over an hour...and he is only 7.  We have a special bond....his younger brother wouldn't look at the camera and was either being grumpy or just goofy, but I did manage to get him to say a few things.

If you are finding it hard to deal with this new way of life, or just want to chat, I invite you to email me at rwprimcrafts@aol.com.  Tell me how you are feeling, and I will do my best to lift your spirits. It's a very good time to rekindle old friendships and reach out to comfort each other. 

A short post today, but I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I would love to hear from you.  

God bless. 

A little humor - Hubby is a huge Star Trek fan.

Monday, March 23, 2020


Well, it is Monday....snowy, windy and cold.  After working outside all day on Friday, it is, of course, not a welcome sight.  But, time flies by and before we know it, Spring will really be here.  I snapped a couple photos of the early flowers, and counted at least a half dozen frogs sunning themselves on the rocks around our garden pond.

We spent a busy but lonely weekend....no Sunday family get -togethers, as we are so accustomed to.  But, we are warm, have food enough to eat and fresh water to drink.  Although it can get a bit lonely not seeing the kids and grandchildren, I think the Mister and I are settling in.  He is working from home.  I took time yesterday to move a few things around in our parlor, so he could set up his 'desk' better than his thrown together effort last week.

It has been three months now since my commitment to blog more, and I am quite sad about the lack of visits and comments....not even a single person joined in my pin keep swap, so I will have to cancel that.  I cannot force people to return to blogging, but I did have high hopes.  It seems Facebook has taken over....too bad really.  I will continue to post from time to time, with my daily life moments, special interest items and recipes.  Hopefully someone out there will find the posts helpful.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.  Please do practice strict distancing, so that the we get back to our normal lives sooner.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A New Outlook and Come Join the Swap!

Wow, what a difference a couple of weeks can make. 
We are now in the midst of a lock-down all across America.
I've tried not to panic about the Corona virus, and we have taken precautions, but I do worry about my Dad.  He can be stubborn sometimes and I just hope he will listen to my siblings and my warnings about staying put.

The word of the day is "Social Distancing"... Restaurants are closing, stores are limiting hours, get-togethers are being postponed, and even our church Masses have been cancelled.  The world has gone crazy.
What measures have you taken to reduce your risk of exposure?  Are you looking for ways to use your time, other than sitting and watching the TV.  I'm not one for watching much TV.  I like a few home improvements shows and the occasional old movie, but other than that, I prefer to keep busy with other things.

Back in the glory days of blogging, I would host at least one Pin Keep Swap each year.  So I thought...why not try it again.  With more time on our hands at home, it could be fun to reconnect by creating for one another.  Pin Keeps are relatively quick and easy to make, with no big commitment, and who couldn't use one!

What do you say?  Are you in?

Here's the simple rules:

1.  The Pin Keep Swap theme will be IT'S SPRING! 

2.  Your Pin Keep MUST be mounted on something...a jar lid, old can, spool, use your imagination, but it must be attached to a base of some kind and must be at least 6" tall.  See the photos below (all from Pinterest) for ideas or search Spring Pin Cushions on Pinterest!

3.  Comment below and then send me your email, name and address at RWPrimCrafts@aol.com if you wish to participate.

4.  In your email, tell me what you love about Spring.  Your likes/dislikes.

5.  Mail Date for the pin keeps will be set at Monday, April 6th.  

6.  Sign ups will last only until Saturday, March 21st.  Sorry, only US swappers please.

7.  Once you receive your swap, please post a big Thank you to your partner with a photo of your pin keep.  This is a very important part of the swap, so don't delay in posting.

That's it...Hurry and send your swap info to me. I will send out your partners name on Monday, the 23rd.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.
God bless.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Time MARCHes on!

Good afternoon sweet friends.

I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.  It's a rather warm day here...in the 50s...after a very frigid weekend.  The birds are tweeting, the geese are returning, and I saw a flock of red-winged blackbirds.  Surely SPRING is on the way.

I've been busy crafting, quilting and finishing up our first batch of maple syrup.  I made this sweet little quilt for a swap in a FB quilting group I am a member of.  I love how it turned out and hope my swap partner is pleased.

Our first batch of maple syrup for this year...more to come

Homemade Rosemary/Olive Oil bread to go with our clam chowder.

Swap quilt front
Back of swap quilt with handmade label as well.
This week I am concentrating on a little birthday shopping for our grand-daughter, and finishing up a kitty quilt she and I started last year.  I want to surprise her with the completed quilt on her birthday.

Off and running.......
Have a blessed week.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Snowy Day

Is there anything more beautiful than freshly fallen snow....even if we do wish Spring would hurry.....

view from the front yard.

Snoopy enjoying the snow

The big oak out back, dusted with snow.

It's been hard to keep my creative mojo lately, but I have managed to work on a wool applique project for a swap, as well as sewing up some bunnies.  I've got these two done, with lots of furry buns on my sewing table in various stages of completion.

Stay warm my fiends and be blessed.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

It's Maple Syruping time!

Good afternoon folks. 
I'm one day late in posting this week.
I had a wee accident on Sunday, involving a large drill bit and my wedding ring finger, and today is the first day I have been able to type well.

I was excited to begin maple syruping on Sunday...I had my tubes ready, I had my containers saved...now to just drill some holes in the tops to insert the tubes.  Lesson learned..never, ever hold the top in your hand...place it on the container to drill...so you don't end up drilling a hole in your finger.  Not only did I do that, but somehow the force of the drilling must have been so great, that the drill bit actually bent my wedding ring in a couple places, before hopping onto my finger to do it's damage.  After grabbing a towel to wrap around my finger and yelling for my husband to come inside...ugh..I felt faint and sick.  The hole in my finger was not pretty...and my finger immediately swelled up.  I couldn't get my rings off, and still cannot. I was afraid I would have to cut them off, but the swelling has gone down some and I hope that by the end of the week, with the gouge healed more, I will be able to slip the rings off and get them repaired.

The sap is really flowing and we'll be boiling up that lovely golden syrup as the month goes on...hoping to stock up for the year ahead.
Have a lovely day - Leave a comment and say hi!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Rounding out the month of January

My goodness...here it is already...the final week of January.  This has definitely been our month for snow and cold.  It hasn't been extremely bad though...when you live in central NY State, we get used to the lake effect snows that come off of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  Big flakes, that make the whole of our 'lake country' sparkle with awesome views.  It's simply stunning this morning, with every tree branch covered in glittering beauty.

Yesterday was somewhat mild after Saturday's snow, so we took an opportunity to take a hike in the woods with our grandsons.  These are the same woods I trekked in with our sons when they were growing up, and it has been several years since I had been in them.  I was a little sad...the old trails were hard to find...so many dead trees and limbs had fallen.  What used to be a well cared for trail, was all but ruined, neglected by lack of use.  Do any kids go exploring in the woods anymore?  What are they doing?  Have you ever noticed while driving down the road on a nice day, how few children you see outside playing!  How sad!  We had fun exploring with the boys, and ended our trek sledding....little Joey even found an abandoned soccer ball, which he was just thrilled to place in his sled and pull all the way home.

We finished our day with a yummy dinner of chicken, rice, beans and brownies.
It may not seem like the most exciting day, but spending time with those dear grandchildren is worth a million dollars to me.

Have a blessed day everyone....until next time....smile and enjoy the wonders all around you! Bundle up and take a walk, without your headphones...listen to nature...chat with your hubby, grandkids or a friend.  These are the things that life is really about....

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Feeling the chill.................

The intense cold has hit our area again.  The high yesterday was 16 degrees, and today doesn't promise a whole lot of change.  With the cold, also comes sun, as it is just too cold to produce any weather change.  I welcome the sun and bask in it as it comes streaming through the window this morning.

To keep warm this weekend when the family came over, I made a big pot of homemade soup.  Our old neighbor gave me this recipe several years ago, and it's very yummy.  Brunswick Stew is fll of good things, so pop on over to our family food blog, The Crow's Crusty Loaf, where you will find the recipe.  You will also find some recipes for homemade bread to pair with this delicious soup.

I also invite you to pop on over to Danice's blog. She created the graphic below to help join in our efforts to promote blogging again!  Feel free to grab the button and post a link back to either my blog or hers.  Spread the word.


I'm heading to my sewing room/studio to work on orders and create some new goodies for Springtime!  Have a lovely day all.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Ranger Cookies

I discovered this recipe oh so many years ago, when our boys were still young.  We loved it then, and it is still yummy.  I try not to bake as much anymore, with just the hubby and I at home (we don't need the calories!), but when I know the grand kids are coming, I love to whip up a batch of something tasty.

I hope you give these a try!


1 c butter
2 c brown sugar
1 t vanilla

Cream well til light an fluffy, then add

2 eggs

Beat just until incorporated, then add

2 c wheat flour (you can use white if you wish)
2 c quick cook oatmeal
1 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
pinch of salt

Mix, then add

2 c Wheaties brand cereal
1 c salted peanuts

You can also had some chocolate chips if you wish.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday Musings...

In keeping good on my promise to blog more, I have set aside Monday morning to write and read my favorite blogs.

We had an absolutely glorious Saturday here in the Finger Lakes region of NY State.  The south winds blew, and brought warm temps for January.  We hit 63 at our house.  Hubby and I took the opportunity to work outside.  We mucked out the chicken pen and put more sand in it...that was a big chore...and we finally got fencing put up around our fruit trees.  Fall is such a busy time, that we don't often get a chance to get everything done.  This Fall I was especially busy trying to scrape, prime and paint our porches, fence and trim.  What a chore.  On our 1830 home, it isn't easy.  I wanted to get it all done because we decided to bite the bullet and have siding put on the house, which was going to start in November.  Well, November and December haven't been kind to our workers, and it is taking them quite a while to finish the job.  It is looking wonderful though, so I am happy all that home maintenance will be done come Spring.
The Spring-like weather didn't last long, and come Sunday, we had cold winds and dropping temps.  When I got up at 7:30, it was 60 degrees.  By the time I had breakfast, showered and dressed, it had dropped to 40....ah..such is life in our neck of the woods.
I am a person that needs to be outside.  It is something deep in my soul.  When I am cooped up in the winter I get cranky and restless...lol.
Fairly soon we will be prepping things for making maple syrup. It's always fun to collect and boil the sap down, and the grand kids love to help.

I always try to take January and February to work on projects I want to complete.  Fall and Winter are very hectic, business wise, so I enjoy a small respite from that before I am back to creating.  Unfinished quilts are my goal this year.   I am on my FINAL block for my Primitive Garden quilt.  This has been a two year project for me, and now that the end is near, I am so excited.  I have many more wool applique projects I want to work on, so getting this one out of the way, will be a big relief.

We do have some exciting news to share, and that is we are expecting another grandson come May!  Our youngest son and his wife already have three boys, who melt their Grammy's heart, so I know this little fella will certainly do the same.  We are also so very blessed with two pretty grand-daughters too.  Since I haven't shared any photos of the kiddos in so long, I will do so now.

Allison and Elena on Christmas morning, in front of the Barbie Dreamhouse we gave them.

Christmas eve Mass in front of the Nativity.  Peter, Joey, Allie and Elena.


The elusive Todd, who stole the peanut butter jar and was eating it under the table.  He thought it was quite funny.

Everyone smiling but Todd on Christmas eve.  Peter, Todd, Joey, Allie and Elena.

I'll be back mid-week to share a yummy recipe with you.  Until then, I hope your days are full of love, meaningful work and many blessings.

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