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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Stroll around the yard...

Good morning dear friends. I spent the first half of this morning harvesting rhubarb and asparagus, and watering the gardens and flower pots.  I  took my phone along to snap some pics. Hope you are all doing well. 


  1. What a beautiful home and yard Wendy!!! And I love the photos of your beautiful chickens! They looks so plump, healthy, and happy! I love fresh asparagus... Have always wanted to get some started, but it's just never happened. Can you tell me what those things in rows on your roof are? Love your crow...I have the same one! Hope you had a blessed Memorial Day holiday ~ Robin ~

  2. Good morning Wendy! Wow, what a delightful post. I had so much fun viewing the lovely pictures of your beautiful home, colorful healthy chickens, fun little house by your garden and oh my the rhubarb and asparagus---yummm!

    The bird pin cushion you created for our swap has a special place on my pie safe shelf in my sewing room and can view every time I am in there... which is every day! My play room❤❤.

    Thanks again!!
    Hug's, Carolyn


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