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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Welcome back to my blog.  I know it's been a while since I posted, but I am sure you know....life gets in the way sometimes.  Even though we have been 'stuck' at home during this pandemic, there are always things to work on, and with Spring finally making it's arrival, there is plenty of outside work to tend to as well.

Easter was a bit sad, as we couldn't be with our loved ones.  We have let up a little with our family distancing since that time, partly out of necessity and partly because we have all been healthy and not venturing out except when we absolutely have to...armed with masks and sanitizer.

Shortly after Easter, we received a fun little picture postcard of our two grand-daughters....holding an Easter basket with a big ? mark in it - YES - a new grandbaby is expected in November!  (We found out yesterday if it is a boy or girl).  We are so pleased, as they have been wanting another baby for a long time. Each one is such a blessing.  All this happened while we were anxiously awaiting the birth of grandson #4....who came last Monday...right after Mother's Day.
Our son texted me and said they would 'probably' be needing my help that day, as our DIL was beginning to have contractions.  I left our home within 10 minutes for the 15 minute drive to their house.  The boys were so cute, waiting in the front yard with their bags packed.  I piled the three of them in the car, grabbed the dog to drop off at the kennel up the road. ...it all took maybe 20 minutes.  I had just left the kennel, when I got a surprise.....a photo from our son of Mommy and baby in the tub at their house!  They never had a chance to leave the house, as little babe decided to make a quick appearance.  Nicholas was born at home at 9:23 am....we rushed back to the house...the ambulance was there and all was well.  He looked so cute and sweet at 10 minutes old!

Here he is - 10 minutes old!

Nicholas at 1 week
Hubby and I have been working on redoing our 'back room' and many of our garden beds.  I'm so glad I had cleaned out my flower beds when we had an early warm spell in March, so we could concentrate on the veggie garden.  Today I need to go out and split up my asparagus plants...not looking forward to that.

I have lots more to share, but will wait until another time...a rainy day when I haven't got a million things to do outside.  Stay healthy and comment below to say HI!  Missing my blogging friends.


  1. Congratulations on your new grandson! So exciting. and another on the way! <3

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! What a precious little treasure Nicholas is! And kudos to mom and dad for a smooth impromtu delivery. Yikes...not sure I could have pulled that off. We FINALLY have had a few spring like days (maybe 2??)...otherwise it's still been freezing at night.... The mild is supposed to continue this weekend, but with thunderstorms and rain every day. Boo hoo. enjoy your holiday weekend...and always glad to see a post from you! ~Robin~


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