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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can you tell it's been busy?

Yup, I did it again.....forgot to post a new Recipe of the Day last night.  It's up now...Christmas cookie time!  If you love those little Archway coconut macaroons, but don't want to pay the price for them, try this recipe.  These are also addicting, so watch out!
The SUN (yes, I said the sun) is finally shining today.  It is the first day in quite a few that it hasn't been cloudy and snowing.  What a lovely break!  I am going to get all my things priced and packed up for the final sale tomorrow.  Son, Drew, will also be coming home from college-can't WAIT for that!  I am really looking forward to him being home for over a month.
Have to run some errands now after working all morning...have a great day everyone and a wonderful weekend!


  1. These are one of my hubby's fave cookies! Thanks for sharing Wendy!
    Also thank you for the comment on Hannah & Her Twig Tree :-)

  2. The recipe sounds delicious. Something new to try for the holidays. I will definately bake some of these for the family.


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