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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here they are!

As I mentioned before, I have been working on some elves.  Finished them up tonight...what do you think Jennifer?  Yours are still so much better!  I had trouble with the ears.  LOL


  1. I just stumbled across your Blog. Those Elves are adorable...If I ever get the Time (maybe next Christmas!!!) I may try one of those (maybe)
    I am also going to follow your Blog
    Thanks for sharing

  2. They are adorable! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Oh my goodness - they are awesome I love them - the blue one is my favorite - I love blue! I love the fringe at the bottom!!

  4. Wow - they turned out GREAT Wendy!! The first one is my very favorite!!

  5. I have this pattern and love making them..they were great sellers at my gift shows.;)


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