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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer-time musings and a SWAP

Good morning dear friends.

When I first started my blog, I nurtured it and couldn't wait to log in and build it up.  I looked forward each morning to having my cup of coffee and dropping in to visit the blogs of all my new-found friends.  I looked forward to the swaps and the blog hops.  I wanted people to have fun when they visited my page.  It was a little bit of myself out there for all the world to see.

I'm not sure how or why I have neglected my blog so much.  I miss my daily postings, but sometimes wonder if my life is really very exciting at all.  While others travel here and there, I mostly just tend my chickens, garden, sew and spend time with family.  I could always post pictures of our beautiful grandchildren, and never get tired of it, but you, my dear readers may.

My last attempt at a blog hop was unsuccessful, as I couldn't get enough gals to participate.  I had wanted to do a Christmas in July blog hop, but alas, that is not to be, since only a handful would lend their talents.  I was sad that the hop would not come to fruition. 

I think the decline in blogging is due to the other social media options.  A quick comment here or there is much easier to handle in our busy lives, than a long blog post.  I regret it deeply.  I miss the closeness of blogging, and tire of the antics on Facebook.   I miss sharing my life, good or bad, with my friends, and I miss you sharing yours as well.  And I have made some wonderful friends....a couple are very near and dear to me, and without blogging, I would never have met them, so....

RATHER THAN GIVE UP blogging, as it seems so many have done, I want to attempt to bring it back in my own small way.  I vow to post at least once a week, and hope you will comment and share your thoughts and life with me too.  I vow to have a bit of fun, like we used to, and while a blog hop may not be coming right now, who knows what the future may bring.  

For now, dear friends, let's put together a little swap, shall we?
I realize we are all especially busy during the Summer months, so I will make it a Fall themed swap.   
Please come back tomorrow for all the details!  I do hope you will join in!

May your Summer be full of fun, health, rest and relaxation.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Wendy, you seemed to have read my mind - woowoo or maybe great minds think alike 😉 I have a post with a similar message just about ready. It's sad really, and I'm not ready to lose it. Your blog is beautiful. I love seeing what you create. We should chat about it over that cup of coffee ☕️ Have a blessed day.

  2. Oh shucks. I was so hoping to participate in your Christmas in July blog hop. I do agree though that blogging has changed in the years I have been doing it. I still plug along, as I enjoy reading other blogs and love to keep up with my blog friends. Janice

  3. So glad you are back Wendy. 'have been worried about and missed you a lot. I also prefer blogging to other social media, as you are correct there are so many "antics" on other social media outlets. Looking forward to the Fall swap :)

  4. I prefer blog posts to the other social media means of sharing our creativity. I like to get to know the person more than a few words shared with a picture or maybe no words at all.

  5. I am glad you will posting more. I am not a fan of Facebook and it seems that is the direction everyone is heading to. I love reading the blogs that I follow and seeing what all my blog friends are up to. I may not always comment but I am here reading. :-)

  6. I do not have a blog but there are a few that I "subscribe" to because I enjoy them and yours is one of them. Thank you for your post and for not giving up! As this former farm girl sits in an office all day, I really can't think of anything more delightful than hearing about your chickens, gardening, sewing and grandchildren, unless it was that I was tending some chickens, sitting in my garden sewing while playing with my grandchildren! (daydream) Please continue! And I look forward to hearing about your swap!

  7. I may not have a Blog, but I definitely LOVE to READ them! I do occasionally make comments, but generally just read the blog like a letter one would receive in the mail. Guess you could tell I'm from the "Old School"...so, keep on blogging friend, as I anticipate another letter from you soon! ~ Blessings ~

  8. I'm glad you will keep blogging! I sure do miss all the blogs that used to be. Not just their posts, but the people. I do wonder how they are now, hoping they're all okay. :) I mostly use pinterest now for Prim inspiration, though there are a couple of FB groups that are nice too, but it's not the same as blogs at all and so impersonal.

  9. I enjoy your blog! Keep it up, girl! And I am sorry you are not doing the Christmas one. I love Christmas in July!

  10. Hi Wendy, you have such a nice blog, your are an inspiration. If it wouldn't have been for blogging, we would have never met and became friends. Other social media seems to be the thing now, but sometimes it is too much drama. I feel so much closer to my blogger friends. Just seems like my life has gotten so busy working so much and with 4 grandchildren that many things I enjoy are now on the back burner. I was looking forward to your Christmas in July, wish more would have been interested. Don't give up your blog, I love it!!! Have a beautiful summer!!!

  11. I just found your blog and this post sums up how sad I feel beautifully about blogging seeming to be drifting away. I am so close to giving up and going to Instagram, but I probably would end up being more of an observer than a participant, and that isn't why I started to blog. Still need to ponder. In the meantime, glad I found your blog!


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