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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A lot of catching up to do....

Hello dear friends.

Despite my vow to not let other social media take time away from my blog, I find that I have neglected it none the less.  I'm not sure if it is all social media's fault, or if life is just too busy right now....either way, I do apologize for my scant posts this year.

I hope you all had a lovely and blessed Easter.  I remembered to take a lot of pictures, despite the hustle and bustle of the day, and I would like to share them with you now.   
Our grand children are growing like weeds, and I feel so blessed to have them in our life.  Each one is so sweet in their own special way.

A Beautiful Easter Sunrise
Sweet Allie after Mass - in the Easter Dress I made her.

Our oldest son, Scott, holding little Elena and Allie again.
Dear Hubby holding Elena, awaiting our Easter Sunday breakfast.
Our youngest son, Drew, and his adorable family, Peter, Maria & Little Joe.  They are getting so big!
The kiddos posing by the garden pond on the patio.....

....Joey would NOT look at the camera - he is usually so smiley!!

Chris & I posing on our front porch.  Not the best picture, but we both never seemed to be looking at the right place or smiling at the same time!  Worse than the grandkiddos - LOL

Now, many of you know of my love for chickens, and the flock that we have at our home.  Well, this year I am venturing into a little bit of chicken business (not monkey business mind you).  We are raising and selling pullets (females).   My first batch is nearly all spoken for, and the second batch is due soon.

Here they are at about 3 weeks

Enjoying some fresh air today - at 6 weeks old.
I've also acquired this beautiful rooster, and he is lovin' his new lady friend.  We'll be hatching eggs from this pair to sell as well.
Well, I suppose I should head off to bed now.  We are in the midst of a stormy night with rain, thunder and lightning...I actually think I should get off the computer and shut down for now....so take care, and I will be back soon.

God bless

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Let's Celebrate the


with a quick sale!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome February!

Here in the Finger Lakes of Central New York State, February is not always a welcome month.  
We are itching for Spring to come, but after our usual January thaw a couple of weeks ago, with temps in the 50s...we are faced with the brutal return of Winter...cold, wind and snow.
I'm hoping that February goes as quickly as January does, and then we are on the backside of Winter and heading towards Spring! In the meantime, I'm working on inside projects...some painting and some quilting...good ways to keep busy while we are stuck inside.  We should be putting the taps into our trees soon for maple syruping too.

I thought it might be fun to take a little look back at Winters past...and so, I found these Winter photos to share with you.

No snowplows back then...can you imagine each street having to be dug out by hand and hauled away in carts??

Stay warm my friends!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Christmas in July Blog Hop!

Good afternoon dear friends.

Wow, the time is flying by and I find it hard to believe that January is nearly over.  We've had some nice days off and on this month, which makes winter easier to take.  This weekend was so nice, I was able to completely clean the chicken coop and pen.  Now the girls are neat and tidy once again.  
We even took the opportunity to take a little hike in the woods with the grandkiddos.  Ever try to get three or more kiddos to all look at the camera and smile at the same time?  LOL.

Sitting on a rock wall....

A little Tailgating lunch after our walk.
We had a lot of fun!

 The main reason for my post today is to put a call out to my fellow bloggers to help in my latest Blog Hop.  If you missed my post last month, I will bring you up to date.  I decided to hold off on my annual 12 Days of Christmas last December, because so many bloggers are now doing something similar....so...rather than give it up altogether, I decided to move my event to July! 
This will not only give us something to look forward to during the Summer, but it will also offer an opportunity to actually have the time create some of the wonderful goodies offered during the blog hop.

I had several wonderful ladies offer to help in my Christmas in July hop, but I am still looking for more volunteers.  All that is required of you would be to offer a favorite winter recipe and a pattern or craft tutorial.  Teaching our followers a new project or craft is great fun.
I hope you will consider joining in July's blog hop!
Just comment below if you are interested, and I will be contacting you with further information.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clearance Sale

Hi everyone!
Just popping in to let you know I am holding a 
Clearance Sale in my Etsy shop!

This sale goes until January 15th.  Making room for new creations!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Welcome to our Christmas Open House!!

to our home!
We are so happy you are here.
Step on in out of the cold, and share some 
Christmas cheer.
Our home is all cozy..
and decorated just right...
We hope that you will stay...
for a while tonight...

As you enter the door...the one in the middle on the porch, you step into our
Dining Room.

The ceramic goose I made years ago sits upon the dining room table in an old grape collection box from one of the wonderful wineries in our area.
To the left you will meet Santa and a gingerbread man....
To the right you will find our mantel, which I rescued from the barn, where it lay decaying and chewed upon by critters.  Hubby and I restored it as best we could, and put it back where it originally was.  The fireplace opening is long gone, closed up during a renovation before we purchased the home, but I think it still looks quite lovely!
Atop the mantel sits my Christmas village.....
Also in the dining room is my special tree...I call it my Blogging tree, because nearly every ornament on it I have received from a dear blogging friend during a swap or as a thoughtful gift. 

...as we pass through the kitchen, you can see more signs of my sweet blogging friends......a lovely mat....

.....some sweet gingers in a box of greens, along with a wee mousie who just recently came to live with us...

On the windowsill above my sink, snowmen smile and brighten my day.
Welcome to our cozy new family room!  We call it the carriage room, because we believe it was once just that.  This is the room we have been lovingly and painstakingly renovating for the last year.  The 9 ft tall tree is filled with lovely memories of Christmases passed....

If you turn around...you will see our wood stove.  The hearth and chimney are still awaiting their makeover....
Kitty Kismet is certainly enjoying the fire......she doesn't stray far from that spot most days.
The shelves above the hearth are reclaimed barnwood from the room.  The Mister carefully planed them down to reveal the lovely chestnut wood grain, and I lightly stained and sealed them before decorating them up.
Santa and Elmer and Mr. Snowman...add such a festive touch to the room. 

Scene atop my large armoire and the manger atop my pie safe...

Little touches of Christmas tucked here and there...and my favorite little reading nook beside the wood stove.
...where once there was a wall, with two ever so tiny windows...now I get to enjoy the view to the north and east...and watch the sweet sparrows huddled in the wisteria awaiting their turn at the feeder...
As we head on back through the dining room, we are greeted by my snowgal...

before we come upon our spiral staircase...all decked out with Christmas garland and our homemade stockings...
We finish up in the parlor to the left.....


As we finish up our visit...I hate to see you go.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us.  You are always welcome....drive carefully and have a very blessed Christmas season!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Open House blog post

Due to some technical difficulties with transferring pictures from my camera to my computer, my Christmas Open House is postponed until Friday - I apologize for the delay.

See you then!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New creations available

Here are some of my newest creations....available in my Etsy shoppe now!

Have a lovely weekend!

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