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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Popping in again on this special day!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our Joey!

He's two today!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Catching up.........

I finally have a chance to sit down and write a little post for you all.
It's been two week since we have returned from vacation, and we've been busy catching up.  The garden and berries are producing like crazy, so I have been busy processing squash, beans, cukes and making batches of jam.  It's always satisfying to put up your own foods, but I am so tired from standing in the kitchen all day.

I dream of the beach, and how simple things were when we were on vacation, but it is good to be back home, even if it is a ton of work!

Here's a few highlights from our vacation pictures.
Petersburg Battlefield

Storm to the north the first night at our house on the OBX

Avon Pier - always beautiful

Entrance to the beach we took each day.  We were only 4 houses away, then up and over the dune to the beach.

Scott, Steph & Allie

Our little princess

Grandpa and Allie

Sunsets on the OBX

Chris & Scott on the Ferry to Okracoke Island

A beach fire  at night...how utterly relaxing.....

Little Elena was as good as gold

Allie in her 'pool' on the beach.  She LOVED it.

We always enjoyed watching all the crabs that came out at night.

A visit to Kitty Hawk

To say it was hot and humid was an understatement!
Bodie Island lighthouse.

Allie hamming it up for the camera.

Sadly, the last sunset at our place before heading home.

A storm as we approached Fredericksburg, VA.  We stayed nearby and visited the battlefield too.

Our lunch stop before the final push home.
I hope you have a wonderful week everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July is flying by.....

Yup....you can believe it...I am finally making a post!
It has been so long since I've made a good post, and I apologize for that....life gets in the way sometimes, and Summer is especially busy.

We had our usual 4th of July party over at our son's home, with fireworks to end the evening in the school field right behind the house.  We've done this for 20 years now.  We always had a party when we lived there, and now, Drew and Maria are carrying on the tradition.  The kiddos were a bit scared of the fireworks being so close, but they soon got over their fear and really enjoyed them.  I think one of the best things about being a Grandparent is that we get to watch the grand-kids enjoy all those simple things in life that we sometimes take for granted.

Around the 4th of July, we invited our good friends over to introduce them to kayaking.  It was a beautiful day and I think they really enjoyed themselves.  We came back to the house for a nice lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and homemade ice cream.  I took these pictures when we were out on the water.  I even did a little fishing and caught a small bass and a little catfish...both went promptly back into the water.

Our friends Eileen and Paul

We were lucky to catch this goose family in the water nearby.
We have been trying to do more fishing this year. Some nights, our oldest son, Scott and his daughter, Allie, meet us down at the lake.   Allie looked so cute the first time, but had little patience for fishing.  I feel bad for Scott....he's had the WORST luck..and hasn't caught anything in so long...like....years.....I can't figure out why, but I feel for him...he gets so frustrated, but keeps on trying.  As if that isn't bad enough...his new rod fell into the water from his kayak last year...and he keeps getting snagged and losing lures.....
Here is a picture of the 14" pike I caught...he went back too.  I mostly like to fish for the fun of it.  I hate to kill anything.....

Allie all ready for fishin"

Best buddies Jack & Kizmet
 Random pictures from our Summer so far......

Grandpa with the boys

Goofy Petie hamming it up with my 'granny glasses'

Petie was helping me with dinner, making some watermelon balls, when Joey decided to climb up in the chair and sample the juice.
Picnic in the back yard

Elena's baptism

Sunset at the lake

Selfies of the hubby and I

Two sundresses I made Allie
The boys enjoy the new sandbox we made for them.

Teddy bear picnic (with Jack too)

Petie wanted to build something, so we made a birdhouse together and he painted it

...concentrating so hard.....

My newest chickies....
Well...it is getting late, and I don't wish to overload you with more pictures right now.  I'll make a post soon with our vacation pictures...and egad...I have a surprise in store when I show you them!

Stay tuned!

Have a lovely weekend my friends.

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