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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Weather Woes

Good morning all!

Hope this day finds you happy and healthy!

We here in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York State, have been experiencing a very wet and stormy July.  Nearly every week, we've had potent storms roll through, bringing high winds, hails and flooding rains.  After a lull early this week, we are bracing for yet another round of storms today, with the potential for more flooding, wind and hail damage.

Here's a few photos of our creek and waterfall last week, as well as some photos from around the area of the results of torrential rains.

Waterfall and creek on our property

Storm clouds bearing down on our home

View from the air of the flooding nearby.  Our home is on the hill at the very top of the photo on the left.

Flooding in mall parking lot

Lots of trees down and flooding this month.

Asking for prayers as this violent weather continues today and again on Sunday.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fall Friendship Swap & Grammy photos

Good morning everyone!
Are you looking forward to the weekend?

We get to have our grandsons for a sleep over tonight, which I am really looking forward to.  We always hop onto our king size bed with popcorn and a movie to end the day.  They are simply adorable and I love their smiles.
Here's some photos of our recent outing strawberry picking and other fun on the farm.

I adore this photo of Peter!

Joey loved searching for berries.
 I don't believe I have mentioned that we are expecting another cute little Grandson in October!  Wonder what he will be like!  Peter and Joey are looking forward to having a new baby brother. We can't wait!  That will be 5 grand-babies - such a blessing!

I'm still accepting sign-ups for my Fall Friendship Swap!
I've got an uneven number right now, so at least one more gal to share in the fun would be great!
If you would like to find out more, click HERE!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fall Friendship Swap

Happy Wednesday!

So glad you stopped by.  
I wanted to remind you all of my

Let's have some fun gals! 
I've only had a few sign-ups.
There is plenty of time to create!
Hope you will consider it. 
Click HERE to find out more!

I am extending the sign-ups until July 17th.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fall Friendship Swap

I'm having a Fall Friendship Swap.

Please click HERE to find out all the information!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fall Friendship Swap - corrected post.

Good morning dear friends.

I apologize for any confusion on my swap post.  I attempted to post late last night, but Blogger was  not cooperating, and the text was so small, it was impossible to read.  This morning, I will repost in the hopes that all will come out as it should be.


Is it too early for Fall?  We crafters know we must always be thinking a season ahead.  While I am enjoying the warmer weather, I have begun work on Fall and Christmas items.  For many, myself included, Fall is a glorious time of year.  The crisp air, the colorful leaves, the smells and sights of Fall are always looked on with fondness.

I realize that we are all busy during the Summer, therefore I thought a Fall swap would be best..  Let's have a little fun and get ready for my


As with every swap, there must be a few rules.  If you are interested in participating, please read through the following guidelines carefully.

1.  You must be a faithful follower of my blog.

2.  You must have an active blog - meaning you have posted within the last 30 days.  

3.  For this swap, you must be a Primitive, Farmhouse, Country or Colonial artist.  No cutesy stuff this time around.

4.  This swap package must include a Fall doll.

5.  Your swap package must also include a pumpkin of some kind, along with two other smaller items.  You can always include more goodies.  Most of the gals in my swaps are very generous.

6.  Please give a swap that you would like to receive.  All the gals in my previous swaps give generously and well.  If you don't have the means to do so, I certainly understand, but ask that you wait for one of my smaller swaps, like the pin keep swap.   I know that not everyone can give all the time, but would like to be certain that all the people who join in this swap receive the same quality.

7.  Please do not include Dollar store items in your swap package.

8.  Everyone who participates must make a Thank you post on their blog, including photos of all the goodies they received.  I was once on the short end of a swap, and it was hurtful that, despite all the time and effort I put into making items especially for my partner, they never posted a thank you.  Everyone likes to feel appreciated.  We give because we love to, but the giving is that much sweeter when we know our work is appreciated.  I would also recommend a personal email to your partner in thanks.

9.  Sign ups last until July 14th.  

10.  Packages MUST be mailed by September 1st.

If you agree with these few rules, and would like to participate in the Fall Friendship Swap, please comment below and immediately email to me (RWPrimcrafts@aol.com) the following information:

A.  Name, mailing address, Email and blog link
B.  Tell me if you prefer Fall or Halloween...or a little of both
C.  Let me know your favorite colors, Fall scents and other likes/dislikes
D.  Do you crave a favorite treat?  Chocolate?  Caramels?
E. Many of my swappers have fur-babies....do you have an allergies I should know about?

Because we are getting an early start, sign-ups will last until July 14th.  Please comment and email me your information to me prior to that date.  I will make partner assignments and get that information to you by the 20th.

I hope you will all participate.  Let's renew our blogging friendships!

God bless your day!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer-time musings and a SWAP

Good morning dear friends.

When I first started my blog, I nurtured it and couldn't wait to log in and build it up.  I looked forward each morning to having my cup of coffee and dropping in to visit the blogs of all my new-found friends.  I looked forward to the swaps and the blog hops.  I wanted people to have fun when they visited my page.  It was a little bit of myself out there for all the world to see.

I'm not sure how or why I have neglected my blog so much.  I miss my daily postings, but sometimes wonder if my life is really very exciting at all.  While others travel here and there, I mostly just tend my chickens, garden, sew and spend time with family.  I could always post pictures of our beautiful grandchildren, and never get tired of it, but you, my dear readers may.

My last attempt at a blog hop was unsuccessful, as I couldn't get enough gals to participate.  I had wanted to do a Christmas in July blog hop, but alas, that is not to be, since only a handful would lend their talents.  I was sad that the hop would not come to fruition. 

I think the decline in blogging is due to the other social media options.  A quick comment here or there is much easier to handle in our busy lives, than a long blog post.  I regret it deeply.  I miss the closeness of blogging, and tire of the antics on Facebook.   I miss sharing my life, good or bad, with my friends, and I miss you sharing yours as well.  And I have made some wonderful friends....a couple are very near and dear to me, and without blogging, I would never have met them, so....

RATHER THAN GIVE UP blogging, as it seems so many have done, I want to attempt to bring it back in my own small way.  I vow to post at least once a week, and hope you will comment and share your thoughts and life with me too.  I vow to have a bit of fun, like we used to, and while a blog hop may not be coming right now, who knows what the future may bring.  

For now, dear friends, let's put together a little swap, shall we?
I realize we are all especially busy during the Summer months, so I will make it a Fall themed swap.   
Please come back tomorrow for all the details!  I do hope you will join in!

May your Summer be full of fun, health, rest and relaxation.
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May is flying by!

Hello from sunny and hot Central New York State.....well...at least it is for now, but once again, as is so common with Spring in the Finger Lakes, we are due for a cool down later tonight.  All in all, it appears Spring is here to stay, after some nasty cold a couple of weeks ago.

How was your Mother's Day?  I know some dear to me had a sad one, as her Mom passed away not so long ago.  I am lucky that both my parents are still doing fairly well.  My Mom doesn't do too much any more, but my Dad is never one to sit around, and although he is well into his 80s, he still manages to take care of Mom, the yard and do some puttering in his work shop.

We had a clean-up day at my parents the last weekend in April.  The entire family tries to gather there in the Spring and Fall, to help with the yard work, trimming, etc.  Our Spring celebration always includes a birthday party for my Dad, as his b-day is May 1st.  This year we all chipped in to get him a new recliner.  He was very surprised and touched.

Mother's Day was sunny here.  It was a beautiful day.  Our oldest son, Scott, and his wife Stephanie, invited us to their home for breakfast after Mass.  We had a nice time, then came home to do a few things, before our son, Drew and his sweet family came over for the afternoon.  It turned a little breezy and cool out in the afternoon, so we had planned a nice walk then playing some Scrabble (my favorite), then a steak and potato dinner with fresh rhubarb pie.  Our plans were soon throw aside, when little Joey, now 2 1/2 years old, tripped and fell, hurting his arm.  We thought perhaps the pain would subside, so we snuggled with him and iced his arm...but it became pretty apparent after a while that he wouldn't even use it, and even moving it created a lot of pain....so....off to Convenient Care went Drew, Maria and Joey, while Petie stayed with us.  The doctor said that in children so young, they rarely break a bone, because it is mostly cartilage still.  The end result was a cast, none-the-less... here is Joey, beaming.  Gosh, he was such a good boy through it all, despite the obvious pain he was in.

We also have some exciting news to announce!
Our son Drew and his wife are expecting again - another little boy will be joining our family in October.  We are all over the moon!  Petie and Joey are such joys to us, we can't wait for their brother to arrive.

Little Elena, Scott & Steph's youngest girl, just turned one last week and is walking like crazy.  She is a sweet and smiling little girl!

I haven't been creating much at all in the last couple months.  Spring always brings with it a million outside chores, and with my part-time job, I am finding it hard to find time to get into my sewing room.  I'd love to have the time to do a little wool applique, but so far, life is just too busy!  

Well, enough relaxation...time to go mow before the rain comes tonight.  God bless you all!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A lot of catching up to do....

Hello dear friends.

Despite my vow to not let other social media take time away from my blog, I find that I have neglected it none the less.  I'm not sure if it is all social media's fault, or if life is just too busy right now....either way, I do apologize for my scant posts this year.

I hope you all had a lovely and blessed Easter.  I remembered to take a lot of pictures, despite the hustle and bustle of the day, and I would like to share them with you now.   
Our grand children are growing like weeds, and I feel so blessed to have them in our life.  Each one is so sweet in their own special way.

A Beautiful Easter Sunrise
Sweet Allie after Mass - in the Easter Dress I made her.

Our oldest son, Scott, holding little Elena and Allie again.
Dear Hubby holding Elena, awaiting our Easter Sunday breakfast.
Our youngest son, Drew, and his adorable family, Peter, Maria & Little Joe.  They are getting so big!
The kiddos posing by the garden pond on the patio.....

....Joey would NOT look at the camera - he is usually so smiley!!

Chris & I posing on our front porch.  Not the best picture, but we both never seemed to be looking at the right place or smiling at the same time!  Worse than the grandkiddos - LOL

Now, many of you know of my love for chickens, and the flock that we have at our home.  Well, this year I am venturing into a little bit of chicken business (not monkey business mind you).  We are raising and selling pullets (females).   My first batch is nearly all spoken for, and the second batch is due soon.

Here they are at about 3 weeks

Enjoying some fresh air today - at 6 weeks old.
I've also acquired this beautiful rooster, and he is lovin' his new lady friend.  We'll be hatching eggs from this pair to sell as well.
Well, I suppose I should head off to bed now.  We are in the midst of a stormy night with rain, thunder and lightning...I actually think I should get off the computer and shut down for now....so take care, and I will be back soon.

God bless

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Let's Celebrate the


with a quick sale!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome February!

Here in the Finger Lakes of Central New York State, February is not always a welcome month.  
We are itching for Spring to come, but after our usual January thaw a couple of weeks ago, with temps in the 50s...we are faced with the brutal return of Winter...cold, wind and snow.
I'm hoping that February goes as quickly as January does, and then we are on the backside of Winter and heading towards Spring! In the meantime, I'm working on inside projects...some painting and some quilting...good ways to keep busy while we are stuck inside.  We should be putting the taps into our trees soon for maple syruping too.

I thought it might be fun to take a little look back at Winters past...and so, I found these Winter photos to share with you.

No snowplows back then...can you imagine each street having to be dug out by hand and hauled away in carts??

Stay warm my friends!

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