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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clearance Sale

Hi everyone!
Just popping in to let you know I am holding a 
Clearance Sale in my Etsy shop!

This sale goes until January 15th.  Making room for new creations!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Welcome to our Christmas Open House!!

to our home!
We are so happy you are here.
Step on in out of the cold, and share some 
Christmas cheer.
Our home is all cozy..
and decorated just right...
We hope that you will stay...
for a while tonight...

As you enter the door...the one in the middle on the porch, you step into our
Dining Room.

The ceramic goose I made years ago sits upon the dining room table in an old grape collection box from one of the wonderful wineries in our area.
To the left you will meet Santa and a gingerbread man....
To the right you will find our mantel, which I rescued from the barn, where it lay decaying and chewed upon by critters.  Hubby and I restored it as best we could, and put it back where it originally was.  The fireplace opening is long gone, closed up during a renovation before we purchased the home, but I think it still looks quite lovely!
Atop the mantel sits my Christmas village.....
Also in the dining room is my special tree...I call it my Blogging tree, because nearly every ornament on it I have received from a dear blogging friend during a swap or as a thoughtful gift. 

...as we pass through the kitchen, you can see more signs of my sweet blogging friends......a lovely mat....

.....some sweet gingers in a box of greens, along with a wee mousie who just recently came to live with us...

On the windowsill above my sink, snowmen smile and brighten my day.
Welcome to our cozy new family room!  We call it the carriage room, because we believe it was once just that.  This is the room we have been lovingly and painstakingly renovating for the last year.  The 9 ft tall tree is filled with lovely memories of Christmases passed....

If you turn around...you will see our wood stove.  The hearth and chimney are still awaiting their makeover....
Kitty Kismet is certainly enjoying the fire......she doesn't stray far from that spot most days.
The shelves above the hearth are reclaimed barnwood from the room.  The Mister carefully planed them down to reveal the lovely chestnut wood grain, and I lightly stained and sealed them before decorating them up.
Santa and Elmer and Mr. Snowman...add such a festive touch to the room. 

Scene atop my large armoire and the manger atop my pie safe...

Little touches of Christmas tucked here and there...and my favorite little reading nook beside the wood stove.
...where once there was a wall, with two ever so tiny windows...now I get to enjoy the view to the north and east...and watch the sweet sparrows huddled in the wisteria awaiting their turn at the feeder...
As we head on back through the dining room, we are greeted by my snowgal...

before we come upon our spiral staircase...all decked out with Christmas garland and our homemade stockings...
We finish up in the parlor to the left.....


As we finish up our visit...I hate to see you go.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us.  You are always welcome....drive carefully and have a very blessed Christmas season!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Open House blog post

Due to some technical difficulties with transferring pictures from my camera to my computer, my Christmas Open House is postponed until Friday - I apologize for the delay.

See you then!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New creations available

Here are some of my newest creations....available in my Etsy shoppe now!

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Christmas Sale & a swap with a dear friend...and more...

Good afternoon dear blogging friends.

My goodness the time certainly flies by!  Christmas is nearly upon us...are you ready??  I am not!  There is still shopping to do and goodies to make.

Usually at this time of the year, I host the 12 Days of Christmas.  Since I started several years ago,  many bloggers have jumped on the sleigh (bandwagon).  I thought I would try to change things up a bit for the coming year, so I am planning a 

Christmas in July Blog Hop!  

If you would be interested in helping me with the hop, just send me an email at RWPrimCrafts@aol.com.  After the holidays, I will be contacting some of my wonderful friends who have helped with my past hops, to see if they are interested as well.  This way, we may actually have time to make all the wonderfully crafty Christmas items that will be shared.

I also wanted to let you that I will be having a Christmas Offerings event on my Facebook page, tomorrow, Friday, December 9th at 6 pm.  I will have many new goodies for your holiday decorating, and I guarantee next day shipment on all items paid by midnight on Friday!
In addition to this sales event, I am hosting a little GIVEAWAY too!  So hop on over to my FB page and find out how you can be entered to win!  Winner will be selected on my birthday, which is next Tuesday, December 13th.

and now that business is all taken care of....I wanted to share with you a wonderful swap I had with my dear friend Lecia of Farmhouse Prims. I  always look forward to our swaps!

I Adore my new wool mat - love the muted colors and it goes perfectly in my kitchen!

Yummy smelling tart, a snowman basket painted by Lecia!  A sweet little cutting board and one of the Gooseberry Patch cook books, in which Lecia has a recipe!

This cute snowman make-do is so adorable!  Lecia made the purple and green table runner.  It is stunning!
Thank you so much Lecia!  I love everything you sent!

I hope to see you at my sale tomorrow, but if not, come on back here on Wednesday, the 14th, because I will be having a Christmas house tour!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Amy's Ornie Swap

I recently participated in Amy's Ornie swap .  I sent in four ornies and received four back.  Here is a picture of the ones I received!
The beautiful woolie star is from Amy. 
The snowman head is from Jill at Lifewithnaturegirl.
The bell is from Allison at Sew Many Girls.
The sweet snowman was made by Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow.

Thank you everyone!
I hope you enjoyed the ornies I made.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

The days are growing shorter.
The leaves have been gorgeous this Fall, despite our drought.
But the cold winds of Winter are not far behind...
they have stripped many of the trees of their glory, but
the smell of newly fallen leaves is everywhere.

October has been very hectic for us.
Our renovation project that has been carrying on the past year is nearing an end.
With furniture spread across the house, we had contractors in to work on the new ceiling.  
The dust has settled and been cleaned, and it was onto our flooring.
Husband and I worked hard to complete it, now onto moldings and all the finishing touches.

It's been a huge transformation and well worth the effort!
I said to the Mister last week that I am glad we started last Winter, because as
we get older, I just don't know if we would have started it this year, knowing all the work 
we have had to do.

In between times, I have taken a small job at church, which takes me away a couple days a week,
but I have still managed to find time to create amongst the busy-ness and mess.  I didn't sell as many Halloween items as I would have liked, so if you visit my shop and see something you would like for next year's Fall season, you can take 20% off any Fall item with the special code, BLOG20, just for you, my blogging friends.

I am looking forward to seeing the grandkiddos this evening, dressed in their Halloween costumes.
I'll also grab some before and after pictures of our reno project and post them later this week.

Wishing you many blessings!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome October!

My oh  my, how does the time fly by so quickly!
Who can believe it is October already?  I am already missing the awesome Summer we had.  I miss working around the yard after dinner or sitting watching the chickens before they turn in for the night.  Now, sadly, by the time we are finished with dinner, it is already getting dark out.

But, there are advantages to the changing of the seasons.  Here in the Finger Lakes Region of central New York State, the hills come alive with the colors of Fall.  The trees are just beginning their change from Summer green to Autumn splendor.  I will try my best to share some pictures as the colors advance.

Despite the slowing down that the beginning of Fall would indicate, we are busy as usual.  We watched the boys this past weekend, and enjoyed them so much.  Petie and Joey are the sweetest...okay, I am just a bit biased, but little children make life worth living.  Their abundant curiosity, their goofy antics and those wonderful smiles certainly do warm the heart.

Chris has been traveling to Texas for business and I've started a new part time job.  I'm busy creating in my spare time, and thought I would share a few of the things I have made recently, all of which are now in my Etsy shop, which the exception of the cat quilt, which is hanging on my wall.

We are finally seeing an end to the huge construction project we began late last year.  Except for a few minor projects inside, the bulk of our Summer we concentrated on outdoor projects, so not much was done in the new room. We have still been using it all the time, but it will be good to have it completed.  Next week we have a contractor coming to do the ceiling.  The Hubby had started to do that first, but ran into problems with the less than level ceiling of this old 1830 home, so we decided to let the professionals deal with it.  Once the ceiling is done, we can put in our flooring - yeah - no more plywood floor!

Off to get busy with my day - enjoy the pictures below and have a blessed week.

Petie and Joey look on as Grandpa coaxes a spider from his web in the grass.
Smiley Petie
Joey playing on the soccer field

Baby Elena is growing up so fast...such a pretty little girl

Allie goes apple pickin'

All of the above items are now listed in my Etsy shop.  The two tall pumpkin people will soon be listed as patterns as well, so check back soon if you want to make them yourself!

Happy Fall!

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