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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Saying goodbye to a sweet kitty

We didn't know where he came from when he showed up in our yard so many years ago....perhaps the fireworks in the school fields had scared him...we put up posters, but no one claimed this big orange kitty, so we took him into our home and loved him.  His crackly meow, the fact that he never knew if he wanted to be inside or out, and his constant patrolling of the neighborhood, only endeared him more to us....and as the years went on, Indy became know around the street as a good kitty...a bit of a scaredy cat, but a sweetheart indeed, who loved to sleep with Drew as he was growing up.  The vet said he wasn't sure how old Indy was when he adopted us...maybe 6 or 7....but we had him a long, long time since then, so he must have been pushing 16 years old.
When we moved last year, I made the decision to let Indy stay at our old house with Drew & Maria...I figured at his age, it would be too stressful for him to move.  I think that was a wise decision.
Indy didn't show up for dinner....we all began to wonder....was he just out hunting...or had his time come....Drew found sweet Indy this morning, under the deck....his lifeless body so still.  He didn't suffer...he lived a long and happy life on his beloved Mack Street.

We'll miss you Indy.


  1. So sorry Wendy I lost my kitty about a year ago - I know how hard it is <3

  2. Indy was so fortunate to find a loving home at an older age. So sorry to hear he is gone. I feed many feral cats and have found two dead in the past couple of weeks ... never easy. Our Jingles is an orange kitty who is 8 years old. She's a big scaredy cat. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Blessings, Tammy

  3. Hi Wendy, my heart is heavy for you, always hard to lose a belved pet. Indy was one handsome fellow and lucky to find him a good home full of love, food and shelter. It warms my heart to hear stories of nice people taking in unloved animals, and them living out their lives in a good home. Bless Your Heart,Francine.

  4. Sorry for the loss,but it sounds like he had a happy life with his adopted family..smile..

  5. Oh such a precious post. So sorry for your loss.

    Thank you so much for the visit and your gracious comments. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a long loved life Indy had.
    How blessed we are with the memories we have with our furry ones.
    Hugs to you Friend


  7. So sorry Wendy, I know how hard it is.

  8. So sorry! So glad that you didn't have to watch him suffer. Blessings~Sara

  9. Sweet kitty hugs to you Wendy xxx

  10. So very sorry for your loss! We just lost our Ashley, our poodle, and we are still grieving. He went quickly as I held him in my arms! Sweet and gentle Hugs to you and family!

  11. Aw, Wendy. I am sorry! You are a dear, kind soul to give Indy a home for so long! I will be praying for you!

    Blessings and Hugs!

  12. So sorry for your loss! We recently loss our Poodle Ashley and still grieving. He went quickly too...as I held him in my arms, he slipped away! Sweet and gentle hugs to you and your family!

  13. Oh Wendy,
    So sad, we all love our pets don't we.

  14. Thinking of you, it is so hard to lose a furry family member.

  15. Sorry to hear about your loss. He looks like he was a real sweetie.


  16. Wendy I'm so sorry to hear of your families loss....a beloved pet's passing on is always hard. My thoughts are with you all.

  17. Wendy, so sorry that Indy passed on. I know how special pets are, and how they truly are members of our families.

  18. Wendy--you story brought tears to my eyes. What a nice tribute to a nice kitty.

    Our Mr. Gray's story is almost the same. He was about the same age & showed up in our garage. We couldn't find the owner & brought him in & loved him. We helped him through food allergies, skin outbreaks, & diabetes. He is now 17 we think & really going downhill. I'm sure his time with us is almost gone. We will miss him too.

    SO glad Indy found you.

    <3 Trudy Bledsoe


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