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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

For the Love of Zinnias

 My dear Mother passed away 3 years ago, and not a Summer goes by when I don't think of her and her love of gardening.  She always made a point of planting Zinnias in her large garden, but for some reason, I always forget to sow the seeds in the Spring.  This year was different!  Since I was overloaded with peppers the last few years, I decided to dedicate one of my 4 x 4 garden beds to Zinnias.  I watched closely as the seeds germinated and grew, and now, oh my, the bed is full of zinnias nearly as tall as I am! The place is buzzing with bees and butterflies flitting about.  I cut a bouquet for our kitchen table every few days, and while eating breakfast this morning, I was marveling at all the different shapes and colors.

When all other flowers seem to be fading because of the over abundance of rain we have had, my Zinnias are a welcome site and a loving reminder of days gone by....


  1. I have zinnias growing this very moment in my yard, and for the same reason...Momma!!!

  2. Beautiful zinnias, Wendy. Red roses remind me of my mother. Precious memories always.

  3. Your zinnias are absolutely beautiful! And you're right...they are so varied and interesting. For some reason, I don't plant them....I really need to start a list of annuals I don't plant but should/want to. I did plant some dwarf Dahlias this year...so pretty.... Zinnias, Dahlias, Glads, Asters....those are the flowers that remind me of my mother's and grandmother's flower gardens.... ~Robin~


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