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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

July Already

 Good morning dear friends.  

It's been so long since we chatted.  Life gets so busy during the Spring and Summer months.  There is always yard work to be done.  Nothing of note has really happened in the last few months.  We've had hot weather and lots of rain.  The other night, we had 4" of rain overnight.  Our creek overflowed it's banks in a torrent of water and debris, and took out part of the road with it.  The road is now closed.  Thankfully, our home and yard are only a soggy mess..no damage here, as the creek is located in a bit of a gorge behind our garage.

Our days are spent tending gardens.  The Mister had the last two weeks off, and my Sis from Vermont came over the weekend. It was a treat to see her, as it has been two years.  We had a big family get-together here and also saw family that we have kept distant from because of Covid.

We did take a little trip to Ohio to the Air Force Museum.  I've been promising our oldest grandson, Peter, that we would take him, but with Covid, our plans were delayed.  So at the end of June, we took Peter and Joey, his brother, there.  What fun we had and they really enjoyed it.


I've also been doing a little stitchin' and spending time with our grandchildren...always such fun. I haven't been doing much creating since the weather turned nice.  I prefer to do that in the dull late Autumn and winter months.

I hope you are well.  Jot me a comment to let me know how you are. I miss my blogging friends!


  1. It was so very good to see a comment pop up on my blog from you and my joy was doubled seeing your own post come up. It is a strange and wondrous thing these blog friendships no? Some of us go way back, some are newer...and no matter the time between posts it is like picking up somewhat where we left off. It sounds like you've made time for some summer fun....the boys look thrilled.... We, too, have had an above-average wet summer so far. We received almost 9" of rain in just over 2 weeks time. This past week has been mostly dry, but heavy rains are again in the forecast for tomorrow. Take care and enjoy your days of sun and summer. ~Robin~

  2. We have also been getting a lot of rain, every day nearly. Glad your home received no damage. It is always fun and good to spend time with the grandchildren and other family members.

  3. We haven't had too much rain here, things are getting dry. How wonderful that you and your grandsons got to go on a trip. Making awesome memories they will never forget. Hope you have a nice Summer, hugs, Lecia


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