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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Where did Summer go....

Here we are, Labor is upon us, and I am wondering where the last 3 months have gone.

At the beginning of Summer I learned that I would be needing surgery. Calcium levels in my blood showed I had a malfunctioning parathyroid gland...a what??  Who has ever heard of that?  It's not the thyroid, but another set of four tiny glands that sit beside the thyroid.  All Summer off and on I have been to one doctor then another, then to one hospital for scans and testing, and just the other day, to another hospital, for pre-op testing and instructions.  My surgery is on Sept 4th.  Wish me luck.  Even though I am nearing 60, this is the first time I will have had surgery, so I'm a bit apprehensive!

Since I've getting ready for my Sister to arrive from Vermont, I will make mostly a picture post of my Summer doings.  I hope all is well with you all and I will write more soon!

God bless.


  1. Great Summer time ime pics. The kiddos in the water downed sandbox made me smile. Hope surgery gores well. Janice

  2. I hope your surgery went well. Sorry I didn't read this until 9/8. I had parathyroid surgery a few years ago and it was pretty easy compared to other surgeries I had. It's past summer, but I did wear a piece of tape on my scar so it wouldn't get dark in the sun. Hope you are feeling better. Cute kids!


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