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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stitchin' the winter away.....and a Lenten sharing.

Happy Thursday Prim Peeps!

Thought I would pop in to show you my latest woolie work.  I plan to finish it off into a pillow for our bed.
I started a new wool sampler project yesterday by All Through the Night.
I keep hoping to get back to learning needle-punching, but there are so many projects I want to do, it's hard to chose which one to work on next!

I was laying in bed this morning thinking up new Summer-time creations as well....once my mind gets workin', it's hard to turn it off.  Since going back to sleep was not going to happen, I decided to get up very early and make the hubby a nice breakfast.  He was surprised when he came in from clearing snow from the driveway to find eggs, bacon and an english muffin waiting for him.

Last night we finally made it to the bible study group at church.  We've been trying to go for months now, especially since Lent started, but either travel for work, sickness or yucky weather has prevented it each week.  There is a new young priest now assigned to our church to help, and he's such a personable, young man....and so full of knowledge...I am sure we will learn much from the group.  
Speaking of religion and Lent...many people try to give up something or do something special for Lent.  It's the small sacrifices and retraining of our mind or body, that help to make us better people.  I'm attempting to cut back on the time wasted online.  It's amazing to me how addicted we can become to checking the latest feed, our email, etc.  We really don't NEED to check things so often, but with the new smart phones it is simply too easy to do.
I mentioned to you last week that I would share a fellow blogger's thoughts on Lent.  This link is to a blog, written by a friend of our son & DIL.  We first met this lovely, young family a couple of years ago.  I found Emily's recent blog post quite interesting, so I felt the need to share.  I hope you will take a few minutes to hop on over to her blog, Finding Former Glory, and read her post entitled "stop worshiping the god of technology".

Well, enough technology for me this morning!  LOL....Time to get busy on baking some bread and crafting away.
Have a blessed day friends.


  1. you woolie project is adorable! I have always liked the idea of doing something rather than giving up something :)

  2. Love the colors you choose on your new woolie mat! so pretty!


  3. I agree we spend to much time on technology. Guilty myself at times. Thought of you today when I put out the lil chick tuck you gifted me...smile... The snow just keeps falling here as well. Bread making sounds good. I think I'll put it on tomorrows list. Warm Blessings!~♥Amy


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