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Monday, March 2, 2015

Just another day in the life....

....of me!  Yup...I have not written much lately because I am sure I would bore you with the same old things....the cold, the snow and the need for some sign of Spring!

Hubby was away for a week recently, surprising his Mom for her 90th birthday.  She had no idea he was flying all the way across the country to surprise her...she said she 'nearly fainted' when he walked in.  I stayed home because there are always critters to tend, and with the frigid temps, the girls needed their water changed quite often....and besides...I'm not a real fan of flying anyway.  Here is  a picture (gosh - why aren't they smiling) of most of the kids with Mom.

I have been using the time I am stuck inside to get a few projects completed.  I painted and revamped out downstairs bathroom, rechalked the shower upstairs, worked on orders, fought a terrible cold, played with grand-kiddos, tapped our maple trees, and all sorts of other exciting things - lol. This is the first year we have tried tapping, so if you have any tips you could share, I know we would appreciate them!

We've been hoping to get started on our last room to redo, but it is a major renovation, and we need some masonry/chimney work and ceiling work completed before we can move forward.  It's been difficult to find a mason around, but I think we finally have, and we are hoping to turn the terrible chimney work and stained ceiling into something beautiful...and all before working outside weather comes.
We'll be adding a huge new window where there is only one tiny one...this will let in so much more light and bring the beautiful view we have into the room where we gather the most.  We will also taking down a quirky loft, that is taking up precious room and is a falling danger for the little grandbabies.  
I will certainly share pictures along the way.

I've got a few more bunnies in my Etsy shop who need homes.  Because they haven't sold yet, I have put off making more, but my prim chicks have been a big hit, and I've had many orders for them.

 Time to go put the finished touches on my homemade chicken soup, and whip up some biscuits for dinner.  Nothing like homemade goodies to warm the soul.
I hope to share with you soon, a post from a friend, who has a great take on Lent and social media.  And, I know I still owe you an artisan bread tutorial!  See, I haven't forgotten!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Hi Miss Wendy,

    Nobody was smiling in that picture 'cause they all were missing you! Silly, didn't you know that? Guess what? We posted a picture of me and Vlad on Mom's FB page, he is now a celebrity. Everybeary likes him and of course I mentioned that you are the artist. (o:

    We love your bunnies.

    Prudence ♥

  2. So sweet..
    Love your bunnies so much xx

  3. you haven't been letting the moss grow under you feet! Love the bunnies!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Oh my goodness those bunnies are so cute, especially the middle guy. Adorable. Springs coming I just know it! lol


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