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Friday, May 31, 2013

Yeah - it's Friday!

Good morning all!
Wow did this week go by quickly!
I'm off to do some much needed grocery shopping, but thought I would share with you some pictures from yesterday.
I headed over to Drew's (our old house) in the morning to help install a new pool liner....the old one finally gave out during the winter after 20 years.  We wanted to install the liner last Saturday, but the weather was not cooperative, and it needed to be done soon!

Peter was enjoying the warm sunny day.

The old liner has been ripped out.

Drew adjusting the liner

Drew & Maria

Too cool

Can't wait to swim in it!

So after 7 hours, the sand was leveled, liner was installed, the sides put back together and a few inches of water were added.  We were tired and sunburnt, but pleased that the three of us managed to do the job.



  1. Oh my, Peter certainly is growing fast! How adorable in his little hat. Sounds like you had another busy day! Take Care!


  2. I wish ours lasted that long, seems we always have problems and this time the pool rusted a hole on one side and it is not that old, geez. I found some electrical tape and taped it up, still holding, lol. Love that liner, nice design and of course Peter is a sweet way to put a smile on our faces.


  3. Oh my gosh Peter is getting so big! That is a cool pool liner.Hope that you are resting today after such a huge job.Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

  4. Oh Peter is a sweetie.....pool with look amazing, and will be enjoyable, Francine.

  5. Looks like fun waiting to happen! Such sweet pictures of Peter!

  6. omg! peter is getting so big! what a cutie! denise

  7. Wow, what a big job Wendy but it looks wonderful, the blue is so cool and inviting! Happy swimming and that grandbaby is getting cuter every day! Deb

  8. What a handsome grandson Wendy! I can't believe he's 6 no already!
    A good hard days work always feels good :). Now everyone can enjoy the fruits of your labor all Summer long!



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