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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lots of Catching up to do!

Good morning Prim Friends!
WOW, has it really been a week since I posted!?!
Hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend and blessed Memorial Day.
It was a weekend full of family, food and fun for us.  As we all gathered at church on Sunday morning and finished Mass by signing America the Beautiful, I couldn't help it when a lump formed in my throat and small tears surfaced as I was overwhelmed with how very blessed I am...with a lovely family, nice place to live and a wonderful country to live in....and all thanks to those brave young men and women who gave their lives to make our freedoms possible. 


My post today will be full of pictures, so bear with me!  Oh, but alas...we were so busy this weekend that I completely forgot to snap some of the grand-babies!  

First I wanted to show you what I've been working on lately.  I finished up this big Uncle Sam on a Goat.  I will be listing him soon in my Ebay shop, but for now he sits on my dining room table.  He was very time consuming to make, but I am pleased with how he turned out.

 I also decided to get back into quilting a little bit, with this adorable barnyard 'fun' quilt I started the other day.   I still have a lot to do on it,  and I have been wanting to make a small quilt, so it seemed like the perfect project.  I'll be sharing pics as I make progress on it.


If you recall, back in the late winter, I told you about Mr. Whimzie and I building a closet for my sewing room, but I never did get around to posting pictures of the finished project.  When we started, I was using just a cheap fake wood wardrobe to store all my fabric in.  These old houses are lacking  in closets, but the situation in my sewing room was getting out of control, so I begged the Mister to make me the closet of my dreams.  So he framed it up and made shelves and cubbies for me.  I love it!  While he was busy with that, I repainted the room a wonderful 'cavern moss'.  I found a brown shelf on Craig's list for $15 that was just the perfect size to hold the free tv we received when Hubby bought his car a couple months back.  
Extra storage at the top for things I don't use all the time.

The inside - each large basket is chuck full of fabric..I have one basket for each color -greens, blues, reds, etc.
More pics from around the room.

When we moved into this house, much of it was painted in white and gray, inside and out. Now, I love the warmth of color, so I went to work doing the rooms in warm, cozy colors.  Now that the inside is mostly done and summer is upon us, I am looking to paint the doors of this old house....they are all white!

So, I'd love to hear your ideas for door colors.  Take a look at the picture below and let me know what you think.  There are actually three doors that face the road...the main entrance, the porch entrance and the little carriage room door (to the right of this picture).  My first thoughts were a rich prim red, but last year I made a door box for the porch door, and it is that color, so I've been trying to think of something different for the doors.
Finally, I thought I would share a picture of the beautiful wisteria vine on our patio.  It was full of blooms last week, but has since been beaten down by the rain we have been getting lately.

It's raining again today, and although we did need rain, I am anxious to get out in the yard and finish our garden fencing.  It's looking really nice!  I'll tell you about the great deal I got on decorative fence posts when I share pictures of the finished project.  While it's raining, the Mister and I have also been working on a shower renovation in the master bathroom.  He's been replumbing it and I'm just itching to get in there and tile...it will be my first tiling project, but it will look so much nicer when it is completed.

Okay gals, guess I have taken up enough of your time for today.  I'm off to do laundry, feed the 'girls', then meet Drew for lunch.
  Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a great closet, looks like you can store lots of goodies in there! The Wisteria is beautiful and so is your house! How about a dark red for the door?

  2. Hi Wendy. Love your closet and your house is so pretty. I think the doors' should be red and then I would paint the door box mustard over black. The red doors would really pop.

    Pretty wisteria too.


  3. Love your new piece, I would like to do some larger pieces to decorate with, need to go through my patterns. Love your closet, I really need to do mine like that so i have extra space.


  4. I completely understand, it has been almost two weeks for me. So much to share but I can't seem to get any me time to actually make a post.
    I am Loving that Sam on the cow. You did an awesome job!!
    I agree I think red on the doors would look good. But I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect.

  5. Wow, you have been busy! So glad that you were able to be together for the holiday. We sang patriotic songs at church on Sunday as well. I have a little influence with that as my hubby is the worship leader. It sure is nice to hear everyone singing together.
    Love the Uncle Sam, he sure looks like a lot of work,but so nice!
    I am in awe of your new closet. How nice to have everything so organized.I think everyone should have one of those.
    For a color suggestion for your doors, I would recommend a red. We had a gray New Englander back east and we had red doors and it looked awesome. We used Sherwin Williams duration with the primer already in it. We had them color match to the milk paint red that we used on everything and it was awesome. Good luck.

  6. Your closet looks nice Sara...great for your crafts indeed! Love your wisteria, but I have to say a red door would make your house pop out. Janice

  7. What a dream closet! I could use one just like it, lol! Your house is so pretty. How about hunter green front doors? (Green is my favorite color).

  8. I think your prim red idea would be great for your doors. I've read in Chinese culture, red doors invite good luck and happiness. In Catholocism, the red door on a chapel symbolized the blood of christ, and other martyrs, to signify that the ground beyond the door (inside the church) was holy, and a sanctuary from physical and spiritual evils. And in Ireland, front doors are painted red to ward-off ghosts and evil spirits. I got this info off the web :)

  9. My husband says dark blue for the doors but I agree with red. We have a taupe colored house with a red door and black shutters, so I'm a bit biased. Your Uncle Sam is very sweet! ~Roberta

  10. Wendy I wish my closet looked like that and it's so neat and tidy too. As for your doors...Barn red my dear. I don't think you can get around it...LOL. :0)

  11. Love the new quilt too...can't wait to see your progress. :0)

  12. Looks like you have been busy! I love your house! I have always wanted to live in an old Victorian house. I think I would paint the doors red. Those always "pop" out really nice. Thanks for sharing everything with us. :)

  13. The exterior of your house was the one I wanted when we built 23 yrs ago. Plus red doors. Then everyone convinced me we needed a brick house. We had a Williamsburg Blue door, a Hunter Green Door, & a Cherry stained door. I'm still wishing I had that bright red door. Go with red.
    And I LOVE the closet. Send that Mister over my way. I can keep him busy!

  14. Hello Wendy-
    You have been busy!
    LOVE the new quilt you are working on. I can't wait to see it all finished. Uncle Sam is so Awesome and Big. Beautiful creations as always, Wendy. You are so talented. You have a Beautiful home. Love the closet that holds all your crafting needs.Have a wonderful weekend!



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