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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Free-for All & A note to Pin Keep Swappers

Good morning Prim Friends!
Just a hodge-podge of things to talk about today...

I've been away from blogging most of the week....doing this and that and running here and there.
Last Sunday, we made a birthday visit to my Mom.  We spent the day relaxing, chatting and eating.
I made her this goofy prim duck. 

 When I started putting her finishing touches on, I thought to myself...gee..she'd look cute with an umbrella, so I crafted one up for her, making it up as I went along...I think it could have been bigger, but Mom liked her gift.

Tuesday I headed over to our son & daughter-in-law's home...Maria and I are working on creating some patterns and we wanted to bounce more ideas off of each other too.  We created, tweaked and will reveal our finished items some time soon.

Of course, while we were working away, we had the wonderful company of sweet, little Peter!  Thought I would share this picture of him!
Oh my gosh...he gets cuter every day!
We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our little grand-daughter!  Only 10 more days until her due date...perhaps she'll be a wee lil leprechaun!  What a wonderful time it is in our family...so full of joyous events....we are blessed indeed.

A note for my Pin Keep Swappers

If you haven't done so already, please make a Thank you post on your swap....I am grabbing pictures of all of the pin keeps and plan to make a big collage so that everyone can see what wonderful creations you have made.
Thank you all for joining - the response has been so overwhelming, that I am thinking of making this a semi-annual event!

Gotta run now gals...I'm working on redoing a wall in our carriage room, and would like to get it done by tomorrow.  We're headed to musical tomorrow at a local school...always such fun to see the talent these young people have!

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. That is one cute little duck and Peter is so adorable.


  2. Love your "Goofy" Prim duck!!! LOL Baby Peter is beautiful!!! <3 Penelope Crescibene at Lilac Farm

  3. I have Grandbaby envy, you are blessed first Peter the Cutie and a new baby arriving soon. Peter's picture made me smile. Love the duck too, you are so talented.

  4. Oh Wendy, what an adorable duck! You sure are talented. I just love it! And Peter sure is getting big. They don't stay small for very long. Our youngest granddaughter is so smart now and doing so many things. She is only 5 months old. So glad that you are close enough to share time with the grands and your family. It is such a blessing.~Sara

  5. Wendy I LOVE the duck!! So cute! Peter sure is a cutie pie! Can't wait to see what you and Maria have been 'cooking' up! The collage will be awesome and YES on semi-annual!!!

  6. Love the duck! The smaller umbrella is what makes it so quaint:) That Peter is a cutie, look at that smile! Enjoy your weekend ~ Lori

  7. Hi Wendy, Love your duck, I had to smile when I saw her, I made one myself this week. Boy do we have the same taste. But I have to admit yours is much nicer than mine, and that umbrella is so adorable. Your grandbaby is sooo cute, and congratulations on another one arriving soon.
    Have a great weekend. hugs, Lecia

  8. peter is such a cutie! you're lucky he lives close by. cute duck!! denise

  9. It was fantastic having the opportunity to meet Maria and her adorable lil Boy. The duck is darling! Thanks again for another great swap!

  10. What a cute duck! I totally enjoyed participating in the pin keep swap, thanks for your work to make it fun for all of us.

  11. I love the duck (of course!), she's perfect!

    I can't believe how big Peter is getting! He is adorable Wendy :)


  12. Your wonderful duck's umbrella is the perfect size Wendy, it reminds me of one of those umbrellas that the Parisian ladies carried in the 1800's! Happy belated birthday to your Mom and Peter is indeed getting cuter every day, what a happy baby! Hope your St. Pattie's granddaughter comes sooner rather than later :O) Deb


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