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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The pipe has been fixed!

Well it was midnight before we got things under control last night, but the water is back on and now we just have to sort through some things that got wet, and get furniture back in place.  We live in a two-level home, so half of our living space is downstairs.  It wasn't cold that caused the leak, just old copper piping.  DH has been slowly replacing it when he has a chance...now one more section is done. 

Sorry I got the Recipe of the Day up a bit late...I was exhausted and slept in until 9 - GASP - that rarely happens.  I woke up to a lovely wintery scene outside, with the snow lightly falling and all the pines out back touched with a light coating of snow - it really is beautiful outside.
Looks like Christmas!

Hoping to get some outside decorating done today too...I feel like I am so behind! Tomorrow we are going to visit our son, Drew, at college!  As I mentioned before, it's his birthday, so we'll spend the day with him and take him out to dinner, then come back to his room to eat his Grasshopper Pie - no grasshoppers really - see the Recipe for today for this easy but oh so tasty dessert.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. OH, girl what a mess!
    Water damage, yuk!
    hope you can get things back to nomal!

  2. Hi Wendy, sorry about your plumbing problems but glad you are back in business. My hubby is a real handyman too...isn't it nice to have one in the house?8-)
    The snow sounds wonderful, enjoy your decorating and your day tomorrow with your son. I'm going to check out that pie recipe.

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    Glad your leak has been fixed.
    Love your background.

  4. I hope Drew has a great birthday. I am happy you have another section of pipes done.
    I said we wouldne see snow until Jan but it is actually snowing right now too!!!


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