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Friday, December 3, 2010

Just when it couldn't get any busier....

This is gonna be a long one girls!
Friday night...a time to sit back...relax...have a little wine...and talk about the week that has passed and the weekend ahead.  This is what I thought as my hubby was coming home from work and I was working on the seafood chowder and homemade rolls I planned for dinner.  But life has a way of kickin' ya when you are down...and as I went downstairs to get some chicken broth for the chowder...I stepped onto a wet carpet...Bad dog???  Gee...how could that be..he was outside while I was shopping, and had been by my side since I came home, and spent a lot of time outside with me running around while I took down Fall decs.  I figured since I was so busy with dinner prep...DH could check into it when he came home.  I knew something was wrong when he started yelling - "there is water everywhere!!!"  Our pipes has sprung a leak!  So while I was finishing up dinner, he was pulling things out of the bedroom, livingroom and closets.   When dinner was ready, he woofed down his food (not exactly the relaxed...I'm enjoying this homemade stuff so much...kinda dinner I had dreamed of all day.  I have no water to do dishes, he is off to the hardware store (9 miles away) to get some fittings, so I figured I would leave the carpet cleaner sucking away, and post some pictures of the goodies I made today.  We are both so tired, when we do manage to get things cleaned up and fixed, we'll collapse in bed I'm sure.
Rolls for dinner

Tasty Grasshopper pie for son, Drew's b-day on Sunday

Seafood Chowder

Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert tonight

I shall try to concentrate of the fact that I have running water (most of the time), that my home is warm enough to dry out the carpet, that my husband is handy enough to fix the problem himself, and that I have a home to live in, leaky pipe and all!  We are so blessed!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Oh Wendy, So sorry about the water. On the bright side, you were home when it happened - you weren't gone for the weekend or anything. Dinner looked Yummy! ~Ann

  2. Oh, my! Chowder looks so goooooood!
    Bummer about your pipes but maybe it won't be too hard to fix and you can get it dried quickly. I dread winter for a similar reason. Every time it gets below zero, our pipes freeze up. I'm hoping with the new insulation they put in a couple weeks ago, we won't have that this winter.
    What is grasshopper pie?

  3. It's too bad you didn't get to have a relaxing supper. It sure looks delicious!!
    Maybe you can sit & have a piece of pie after you get things all fixed.
    Happy Birthday to Drew!


  4. Oh no Wendy - I am so sorry - if it isn't one thing its another sometimes. Glad your husband is handy. Your dinner sounds/looks fabulous. Oh my goodness makes me so hungry! I love Seafood, seafood chowder sounds great!

  5. Hey, Linda-If you want to find out what grasshopper pie is, just check the recipe of the day tomorrow. It is Drew's absolute favorite and I have been making it for his birthday for years now. I was planning to post it on Sunday (in honor of his birthday) but I'll do it tomorrow instead.

  6. Oh no, Wendy! I hope your hubby fixes your pipes. Wow, you did have a rough day. But on a brighter note your food looks fabulous! That chowder looks so yummy. Hope everything gets better.


  7. Wendy, I am so, so sorry this happened to you. Was it the cold weather you've been having that caused the pipes to burst? What a mess, I hope that the carpet cleaner, your handy hubby and some fans and a warm house get everything back in order shortly. {{{{Hugs}}}} Deb
    P.S. Your food looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing in amidst the chaos!

  8. Oh I am sorry about that this is what we all dread happening. Your meal looks lovely and tasty though, I hope it all works out which i am sure it will. best wishes Julie.C

  9. Exactly!!!!! It is messy but we are all so blessed that we just can't complain!!Blessings, Dianntha

  10. You're a special lady to have a day like that and still reflect on your blessings . . . and pull off a wonderful meal like that.

  11. Girl, but your food looks so so good!
    some real good homecookin!
    amazing after all that you made a homecooked meal! Yep, I am amazed I would of been callin for pizza!



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