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Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday Musings...

In keeping good on my promise to blog more, I have set aside Monday morning to write and read my favorite blogs.

We had an absolutely glorious Saturday here in the Finger Lakes region of NY State.  The south winds blew, and brought warm temps for January.  We hit 63 at our house.  Hubby and I took the opportunity to work outside.  We mucked out the chicken pen and put more sand in it...that was a big chore...and we finally got fencing put up around our fruit trees.  Fall is such a busy time, that we don't often get a chance to get everything done.  This Fall I was especially busy trying to scrape, prime and paint our porches, fence and trim.  What a chore.  On our 1830 home, it isn't easy.  I wanted to get it all done because we decided to bite the bullet and have siding put on the house, which was going to start in November.  Well, November and December haven't been kind to our workers, and it is taking them quite a while to finish the job.  It is looking wonderful though, so I am happy all that home maintenance will be done come Spring.
The Spring-like weather didn't last long, and come Sunday, we had cold winds and dropping temps.  When I got up at 7:30, it was 60 degrees.  By the time I had breakfast, showered and dressed, it had dropped to 40....ah..such is life in our neck of the woods.
I am a person that needs to be outside.  It is something deep in my soul.  When I am cooped up in the winter I get cranky and restless...lol.
Fairly soon we will be prepping things for making maple syrup. It's always fun to collect and boil the sap down, and the grand kids love to help.

I always try to take January and February to work on projects I want to complete.  Fall and Winter are very hectic, business wise, so I enjoy a small respite from that before I am back to creating.  Unfinished quilts are my goal this year.   I am on my FINAL block for my Primitive Garden quilt.  This has been a two year project for me, and now that the end is near, I am so excited.  I have many more wool applique projects I want to work on, so getting this one out of the way, will be a big relief.

We do have some exciting news to share, and that is we are expecting another grandson come May!  Our youngest son and his wife already have three boys, who melt their Grammy's heart, so I know this little fella will certainly do the same.  We are also so very blessed with two pretty grand-daughters too.  Since I haven't shared any photos of the kiddos in so long, I will do so now.

Allison and Elena on Christmas morning, in front of the Barbie Dreamhouse we gave them.

Christmas eve Mass in front of the Nativity.  Peter, Joey, Allie and Elena.


The elusive Todd, who stole the peanut butter jar and was eating it under the table.  He thought it was quite funny.

Everyone smiling but Todd on Christmas eve.  Peter, Todd, Joey, Allie and Elena.

I'll be back mid-week to share a yummy recipe with you.  Until then, I hope your days are full of love, meaningful work and many blessings.

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