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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Putting away Christmas......

In our 1830 home, I have two large trees (and about 20 small ones in varying sizes) that I decorate each Christmas time.  One I decorate with all of the ornaments our family has acquired over the years and that tree is always in our family room.  My other tree resides in the dining room, and it is also very special, as it contains ornaments from my blogging friends.  It wasn't that long ago when there were plenty of swaps going on in my blogging world.  I always looked forward to the Christmas ornament swaps.  Each one was oh so special.  Over the years, I accumulated quite a few....and as I was removing them from the tree this morning, I had a time to reflect on some of the awesome people I met through blogging.  There was the snowman in a stocking from Theresa, the raggedy from Cyndy, a star from Amy, and oh so many more wonderful handmade ornaments.  There were some that I created as a result of the Twelve Days of Christmas events I hosted.
These were bittersweet memories, for so many blogs have been neglected in the last couple years.  I will always look fondly on those blogging swaps...who knows, maybe some year there will be a resurgence. 
Thank you blogging friends for all the wonderful memories!


  1. So pretty and full of nice memories. Yes times have changed haven't they? At least we can be grateful we were around for the fun time of blogs.

  2. Awesome tree! Blogging is a bit different since I started. Wish it would go back to the way it was. Janice

  3. Sadly Christmas is put away until November and I always remind myself it won't be long.........

    I too am sad that so many of the Blogs that I follow have fallen to the wayside. I love blogging much more than posting on FaceBook.

    Hugs, Happy Weekend
    Vlad, Gertie and Me.


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