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Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's the Holiday Season!

Wow...the time is flying by, isn't it?!
I cannot believe it is the beginning of December, and before we know it, Christmas will be here.

The time between Turkey Day and Christmas is especially busy for our family, as we have birthdays every week up until the Birthday of Our Lord.  First there is the Hubs, then our youngest son, Drew, then mine, then little Peter on the 21st - cannot believe he will be 5 this year! Can you?

My online Etsy shop has been doing well, and keeping me very busy.  I am finished making holiday items now...just mailed out the last 6 custom orders today.  Whew.  I'm so glad that I can now concentrate on finishing up the decorating in our home.  It's so big, it always takes me forever to get it done.  I will probably scale back a little bit this year, because I simply haven't had the time to dedicate to it.  

This past Sunday our Church had a coffee hour after Mass, and St Nicholas came to greet the little girls and boys.  Petie, Joey and Allie were happy to pose for a picture, but Elena wanted nothing to do with old St. Nick!

One of the things I have been really missing this time of year is my annual Twelve Days of Christmas that I used to put together.  It's sad how blogging has given way to Facebook...it's really not the same, and I am missing all the fun we used to have here in blogland....no swaps, celebrations or sharing much anymore.

I am hoping that this year I will get to make some of my favorite cookies.  I love Sprintz, Thumbprints and what our family calls Chocolate Pixies.  It isn't Christmas without those in the house.  Only problem with baking all those goodies is that I truly cannot resist eating them.  All my will power is gone when they are in the house....think I will make some soft and yummy ginger snaps too.

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

If you have a really yummy recipe you would like to share, just jot me a note and I'll post about it!

I'll be back before Christmas to wish you all a Merry Day.
Blessings during this Advent Season.


  1. I miss blogs too. I don't help by not posting much, but I just don't have much to share these days.

    My favorite is homemade gingerbread cookies. I've found through the years that store bought ones just never compare! I also prefer them to be a little soft, not a fan of hard cookies personally.

    Have you ever baked Madeleine cookies? They are pretty easy and often use lemon zest or juice to give a slight flavor. My husband made some recently (we have the pans for them) but I am not sure which recipe he used. They are best fresh baked! (They get a little sponge-like after they sit, but still yummy.) We've gotten them premade from Costco and Smart & Final, sometimes they are dipped in chocolate. Theirs don't taste spongy, but I'm sure their ingredient label has lots of preservatives to cover that. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I always make spritz cookies - but I'll eat just about any cookie you put in front of me!

  3. Hi Wendy, The kiddos look cute! Am making Christmas cookies this year. A tradition that my gramma, and mom had..now me. I dont really have one favorite, but am making church window cookies, peanut butter blossoms and russian tea balls for a few. Janice

  4. I have five grandchildren and still remember the thrill of each one's birth. That first grandson was a special moment, and I've treasured each one. Being a grandmother is one of the dreams of my life that was just as I hoped it would be...wonderful.


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