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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Memories

Good afternoon everyone!

Oh, the hustle and bustle of another holiday has come and gone.  I hope that you had an uplifting Lent and Easter season.  HE IS RISEN!

 I thought you would enjoy seeing some Easter pictures of the grand kiddos, as well as some from the past!

Allison, Joey and Petie on the steps of our porch after Mass.

Allie after Mass by the Easter flowers - all smiles!
The next pictures were taken many, many years ago.  I was going through some pictures my Dad had given me to scan, and found these from when I was a kid.  Every year we would get together with another family either at their home in Pennsylvania or our home in New York.  Oh, the fun we had during those visits...and the Easter eggs hunts sponsored by the towns were such fun.  Fond memories were made during those years. You can click on the picture to make them larger to see my funny little face - lol.
I am the third from the left.  My brother and sister are to the left of me. The second photo is of our friends

This photo was taken at my parents place, where they still live, although my Dad has added so much to the home over the years, it is hard to remember it like this.  I am the second from the left, and once again, our friends' family.

Even further back - 1962 - my sis and I on Easter at my Nana's home.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane.  It's always fun to look back, and I think as I get older, I appreciate these memories even more.

Exciting News coming tomorrow....so check back then!


  1. Fun photos and always fun to go to Mass with the kids.
    Love the old photos, so fun to remember the days when we were younger and shared holidays with our families.


  2. I love your grand daughters pink coat. Too sweet. My nieces did not dress for Easter and Hubby and I were saying when we were kids you had to dress in your very best. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.Looks like the kids were feeling better.~Amy


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