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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Too busy for Blogging, but trying to catch up.

It has been bothering me a lot lately...I've been so busy, there seems to be very little time for blogging....I pop in...say a few words, try to sell a few creations...then I disappear for a few more days and return to repeat the  process.  (It also seems that the Blogger news feed has fewer and fewer blog posts too....are people leaving Blogger for things like Facebook and Twitter?  I for one prefer blogging because it seems much more personal to me)...anyway...back to what I was saying.....

I thought once we left behind our small town and settled in the country things would be calmer...but with 8 acres to mow...20 chickens to care for, gardens, grand-kiddos and all the other things that go with it...life is just plain BUSY...as a matter of fact...it has been so busy the last 6 months or so that I haven't even been able to boast about the upcoming birth of sweet little Petie's brother!  Yes....our new grandson is due any time now!  Time just flies!  I've placed a little birth count-down ticker on the top, left of my blog, and you can be certain I will posts lots of picture of the baby once he is born. 
Here is a picture of Maria last Sunday - she's ready to pop...the due date is Sept 22nd.

For those of you who have asked about my dear hubby...he is doing well.  He had his 6 month CAT scan and blood tests yesterday...we'll find out the results next week...so please pray that all is well...and that he continues to show no signs of cancer.
I'm off to mow again....have a blessed day everyone!


  1. I enjoy using blogger too, I get lost on Facebook and miss things with all the clutter. Good to see that you are settling in and my prayers are with your husband. Congratulations on a new baby, it is so much more fun to be a grandma;)


  2. I know all to well what you mean and how you are feeling Wendy. I don't blog on a regular basis any more. FB does see a bit easier but then again less personal as you stated. I miss all the friends I acquired while blogging, some I still visit with here and there but it isn't the same with everyone. We have to set our priorities and though I don't have as much to take care of as you do there are still life events that have happened that have taken my time elsewhere and I feel that is the case with many others too, so don't feel bad.
    I've wondered how your hubby was doing and should have asked sooner, but felt no news was good news. Happy that he is doing so well and how exciting for the new little brother to be arriving soon! Congratulations to your family.

  3. Hi Wendy, seems like there is never enough time in the day. It seems like so many people have gone to facebook, but I still have a special closeness to my blogging friends, and always will.
    Your daughter in law is so cute, I know she is ready for the new baby. I am so glad your hubby is doing well. hugs, Lecia

  4. Oh, me too, Wendy! You're a whole bunch better than me as I've only been writing 1-2 times a month! Hope hubby's scans come out good and the new mother has an easy time

  5. Hey sweetie! I too, have best intentions of blogging regular... and if there were more hours in the day I'm sure I'd fill them up too! LOL I like the blogs better than FB, but never get enough time to read them or write too much on my own. -- Congrats on being a gramma again! Bestest thing in the world. We have 4 now and 1 more one the way! So excited!

  6. I think once we settle into fall, there will be more time to blog and visit. I bet you can't wait for another sweet babe to spoil..smile..Sending up a prayer for your hubby. Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. will pray for good results for hubby. Wow Maria looks like she is ready to have that baby any minute now.
    But don't you love living in the country


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