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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The very good....and the very bad...a mixed post

Good evening treasured friends.

Once again, it has been a busy couple weeks, and I find myself too scattered about to have time to make a post.  As you can tell from my title, there has been lots of good happening here...but also some bad.  I like to keep my blog cheerful and fun...a place people want to visit...a place they know will make them smile, so I hesitate to share any negative things with you, but please bear with me later in the post as I share our latest trials.

First off, I will start with the good.....our oldest son, his wife and little baby Allison have come to live with us! We spent all of last Saturday packing up our 4 vehicles with some of their belongings and moving them to our home.   Scott starts his new teaching job at the end of the month, so they wanted to get settled somewhat before work gets busy.  Their little home is on the market, and we are praying hard that it will sell soon, so that they can begin the process of clearing the land we will deed over to them, and begin the building of their new home.   I've had to rearrange and such to make room for them and their belongings, but luckily we are blessed with a big home, so we all have our own 'space'.  We're excited to be sharing this time with them, and pray that things will progress for them so that their dreams may come true soon.


Another good thing that happened was that I finally received my swap package from Sandi of The Primitive Skate.  Our swap goodies were due at the end of June, but Sandi was so swamped with things, and we were headed on vacation, that we agreed to give her a little extra time to catch up.  Once we returned from our vacation, Sandi sent along the most wonderful package of goodies!  She was so generous, despite all the trials and pressures she has been under.  
Look what Sandi sent me.
An adorable black cat - I stuck him in an old butter crock with some greens.  Not sure if he will be staying there, but he certainly looked comfy.  I love the OLD GLORY pocket Sandi made too.  You'll also see she painted up an old 45 record with a chicken and Farm Fresh Eggs!  Sandi's so creative!  She sent me some yummy smelling tarts too.

Close up of my kitty!

Sandi also included a Fresh Eggs wooden sign, and chicken towel, a prim note pad and pencil...and yes...there is still more!  She made me an adorable crow mounted on a heavy metal stake and a timer candle in a wire candle holder!   

Sandi certainly spoiled me rotten.
I LOVE everything Sandi!  Thank you so much.  You made this package so personal and I'm just thrilled!

If you want to see what I sent Sandi...click HERE to go to her blog post.


Now, for the bad.  Mr. Whimzie headed to work on Thursday morning as usual.  He needed to get there early, he said, because he had a teleconference scheduled.  He arrived at work and was promptly called into his boss's office, where he received the word that his job was being eliminated!  After 22 years, lots of travel and hard work...he became a victim of the latest round of layoffs being done by a company that no longer seems to care about the people who work for it.  Needless to say...he was SHOCKED and DEVASTATED....even now....3 days later, we are still trying to make sense of this all.   Like everyone, we have a mortgage to pay on this wonderful old place we bought 2 years ago, and other bills as well.  He'll be getting a severance package from the company, but of course, that is not a job!  I know so many people go through these times....we aren't the first....but it is still shocking and not easy to deal with.  He's a senior engineer with years and years of experience and expertise...we can only hope he will be able to find a job nearby quickly, but in this economy, one never knows.  
We've gone through the disbelief, the tears, the uncertainty and the worry...but through it all, we try to keep the faith that God will lead him to another, better job.  The past two years have not been easy, as the company had a complete turn around in management.  My Mister used to love his job, but the last two years have been full of intensive travel, hurry up and wait deadlines and more work than the ever dwindling group could handle.  In some ways he is glad to not have the stresses that have become a part of his work, but we are, of course, concerned about the future.
Could I ask you for your prayers...prayers that we can remain positive and prayers that Chris will find employment soon.

Well dear friends, it's nearly midnight, and this old gal is physically and emotionally worn out, so I'll wrap up this post.  May the Lord bless you and keep you...may He give you abundant blessings...and a thankfulness to HIM...from whom all blessings flow.


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I'll leave you with a picture of a special order I recently completed.


  1. So sorry to hear about your husband's job. How awful! Corporations now days are so inconsiderate. Hoping he can find something even better soon. Enjoy your time with your family living with you. Love all of your swap goodies!

  2. Oh Wendy so sorry to hear about your hubby's job situation. We have been living with unemployment for about a year now. It is no fun. I will be praying for you and your family. Isn't it funny how God works things out with your son and family being able to share with you?!
    Continued blessings~Sara

  3. Lovely Swap items from Sandi :) The special order dolls are darling also. 'So sorry to hear about your husband's job situation. Times really are hard it seems everywhere. I will pray for you all.

  4. I am praying and putting you two on our Church prayer list this morning at Service.

    "Be still and know that I am God" is one of my favorite verses, so many times I share this with a friend, and I truly, deep in my heart believe it.

    God's Blessings on you both. Trust in God.


  5. Morning Wendy, love all your swap goodies, that kitty is prim perfect......sending prayers for you and Hubby, that is a terrible start to a day for sure.....Take Care, Francine

  6. Wendy, so happy for you to have your family and precious grandbaby staying with you for a time! And will be praying for you and hubby as he looks for a new opportunity. We have been there, too and in the long run are better for it, but I know it's hard when you are going through the process and don't know where it will lead. Hugs, Roberta

  7. I am so glad for your good news, and so sad for your bad news!! My prayers and thoughts are with you...many lay offs are happening around here too. Vastly unfair, and not too smart on the part of the companies, in my opinion!! Huge amounts of knowledge are being lost. Hugs!

  8. WOW Wendy talk about some major life changes! What fun to have the kids living with you of course not without trails but oh the baby hugs you can steel when all else seems to weigh you down. Prayers there house sells quickly!
    So sorry to hear about your hubby's job..What a blow to your world. But like you said he hasn't been happy there for sometime so in many ways it may have been a Blessing & God has plans for a job he once again loves. Prayers for your hubby as he seeks his new job & prayers for strength while your family adjust to all the changes.

    Big Hugs

  9. Dearest Wendy - My thoughts are prayers go out to you and your family about your Hubby's job loss. The same thing happened to my DH out of the blue in 2010 so I know exactly what you all are feeling. I can tell you from experience that you WILL get through this! Thank God we live in the U.S. where there are social agencies, unemployment insurance and most of all HOPE to help in such anxious times. Relying on prayer and faith are what got me through, even though, to be honest, we are still in recovery mode here.
    Enjoy the blessings of your family...especially little Allison :)

  10. I am sorry to hear about your husband's job, my prayers will be with him and hoping he can find something he loves without the stress. Wonderful gifts, always nice to get something to cheer you up and it will be nice to have your family close by.


  11. ~Wendy~ So very sorry your Mister was laid off, will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers that something good comes along very soon and that your worries will be over.
    Wonderful that you will be getting to spend more time with your son and his little family - good thoughts coming their way for a quick sale on their home so they can begin plans for their new home.
    Love all of your goodies from Sandi! What a nice surprise :)

    Prim hugs~

  12. Dear Wendy, I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Often times it's difficult to see and understand what plans God has for us and believe me I've questioned far to often myself. Last summer was very, very hard but God saw us through it.
    I know so many that have been dealt the same hand as your hubby and it makes you wonder about why a person should strive to be that model and dedicated employee only to be let go for a much younger person at a lower salary and benefits package. It seems to be the norm any more. My hubs is in construction and it's not much better. We just take it one day at a time. Hang in there, it isn't easy I know.

  13. Wendy,
    I'm so sorry to hear of your husbands layoff. I was an aerospace engineer and experienced layoffs too in the past. I hope all goes well, and that he finds new employment soon. Sending you good thoughts and prayers.

  14. Wendy I'll be thinking of you and your hubby...it's never a good time to lose a job. At least you will have your son and his family living with you to help. It will be a wonderful distraction for you both. :0) Hugs

  15. Keeping you and your family in prayer. Yes you should share even the not so good that's what friends are for. To give you support when you need it most. I'm sure having the grandbaby there will lighten the mood as well. Sweet gifts from Sandi. Love the kitty. Warm Blessings! Amy

  16. Hi Wendy,
    Oh boy that's a blow, after so many years on the job. I'm sure God will provide and he will find something awesome soon. Praying for you guys,
    PS. Ive missed you!

  17. Hi Wendy, I am sorry about your husbands job. We have been there and I understand fully the stress and worry. But it does seem like when things like that happen a door opens for something better! Praying for you and your family. How nice to have your son and family building a home near you. I know you will enjoy them so much. Wonderful Swap from Sandi, lots of prim goodies. hugs, Lecia

  18. Oh Wendy, how scary. I know you are faithful and that God will carry you through but sometimes it is just so hard to have patience and peace as we wait for his plan to unfold before our very eyes. Most definitely will pray for all of you.

    Love and blessings to you my friend,

  19. so sorry to hear about your troubles..we went through the same thing about 7 years ago, my husband lost his job of 20+ years as a designer. The company was sold. It took most of our savings for a year of looking for work when we decided to form our own business which has kept us going..Now we're semi-retired as we get SS.
    Hang in there, God will open a door.

  20. Oh Friend how hard.
    Lifting you and your hubby up in prayer.
    We know prayer works.
    Love your new creation.
    Sending you a giant hug.
    Your friends are here for you.
    Love to you

  21. So sorry about your husband's job. I tell you, it is a scary world out there. Greed seems to be the name of the game anymore. I will certainly uplift you both in prayer. On the brighter side it sounds like you are going to be able to enjoy your family which is a big plus! Hoping for a quick sale on their house! Hugs, Mindy

  22. Keep encouraged Wendy. When God closes one door He will open another.


  23. Big hugs Wendy!--- I'm so sorry on your husbands job loss---there is definitely a grieving time for that. My husband lost his job of 16 years a couple of years ago.

    I love your kitty in your swap! What a wonderful box of goodies.

  24. Wow just read this post and soo very sorry to hear this. We are facing a very similar situation ( but hubby has major health issues) Will keep you uplifted in prayer and remember God never closes one door without opening another.

  25. We are all right there with you dearest. My prayers are with you. These are indeed troubling times. Very scary. Light, love and hugs to you and Chris.

  26. Nice hearing about the good news in your life ~ but sad to hear the bad news too. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you seek new adventures in your life.
    So Love the creations you got from Sandi ~ doesn't she do beautiful work? Love your newest creations too!
    Think positive.
    Prim Blessings


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