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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend happenings, Doll challenge peek, and a win received.

Whew...has it really been nearly a week since I last posted!?
I've had a busy few days.

Friday Drew, Maria & Peter joined me on a little road trip.  It was a lovely day for a ride.  We stopped by Lilac Farms, so that Drew could finalize plans with them for his weather forecasting business.  Maria & I chatted with Penelope, who also has a cute little prim shop on the grounds.  I drooled over the wonderful lilac colors they have - and I just may have to take another ride up there to nab some for our yard.  Then we headed to my parents for a nice visit and lunch....finished by a trip to the nursing home.  We arrived back home just in time to say goodbye to Mr. Whimzie, as he joined several other men on a retreat at Notre Dame retreat house.  
Flowers outside the nursing home

Scott, Steph and baby Allison arrived shortly afterwards to spend the weekend with me.  Maria and I had already whipped up some chili and homemade cornbread for dinner, so we all feasted on that and visited, before Drew and family left for home.

Saturday we were all up early....between a baby and two active dogs, we didn't have much chance to sleep in.  We headed on out to a few sales, a country shop, and then on over to a home builders open house.  Scott & Steph wanted to take a look at the cost for building their own home.  We had a great time looking at models and dreaming of the day, hopefully in the not too distant future, when they can build on a piece of our property across the road.  We nabbed a free hot dog and drink, then headed on over to make a quick visit to Drew & Maria's, show Allison to our old neighbor, then head on home to get ready for church.  Afterwards, they took me out to dinner at our favorite Pub...yummm.

I found these two nice treasures at one of the sales we went to.

Sunday afternoon, we all gathered again at our house, pulled out the lawn furniture, and enjoyed lunch on the patio.  The babies decided it was nap time...pretty little Allison slept in her stroller and I made this make-do bed for sweetie Petie.

 Mr. Whimzie arrived home around 2 and the guys played basketball.  We cooked up some bbq chicken on the grill, and had salt potatoes, salad and ice cream for dessert.

I hated to see the weekend end....it was such a lovely time.

Monday meant a dental appointment in the morning, lunch with Drew & Maria, then shopping before I headed home to work in my sewing room....speaking of sewing....here's a little sneak peek at my

Spring Doll Challenge creation

Last but definitely not least is a picture of the goodies I received from Allison over at Sew Many Girls.  She had a giveaway a while back, and these are the wonderful things she sent me!
Thank you ALLISON!  I love the pinwheels, pattern and posies!  :-)

Well, gals, that's it for today....I'm anxious to head on outside to do yard work.  Tonight I'll be stuffing some new items for my shop, and hopefully have them all done by the end of the week. 
Wishing you sunshine and happiness.
God bless!


  1. wow you did have a busy weekend. No rest for the weary.


  2. I love the baby sleeping in the wheelbarrow! That's so cute! :0)

  3. Great goodies Allison sent you. The sneak peek at your Doll Challenge makes me so eager to see the finished item. I know it will be awesome :)

  4. Wow,you are a busy lady!Loved seeing the pics of the babies,they are both adorable!Can't wait to see your finished doll.Hugs,Jen

  5. Nice treasures and sweet pictures of babies!

  6. Hi busy gal, wow.....Love your treasures, wonderful......so cute the wee one in the wheelbarrow, to sweet.......Great goodies from Allison, you done good...Blessings Francine.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful busy. Much better than last weeks mishaps. LoL.. Those babies are just the sweetest! -Amy

  8. Wow sounds like you had a great weekend with the kids and grans... I betit was fun going threw the model houses and dreaming with the kids!

    the baby Pics are just to sweet!


  9. Sounds to me like the best kind of busy! Family, friends, shopping, visiting and good food. You are blessed. ~Sara

  10. Wendy,

    You recived soom wonderful goodies from Alison too! :)


  11. those babies are so precious!
    just beautiful!
    sounds like a great weekend..
    love the coffee jar esp.


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