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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My comical life.....

Okay ladies, read at your own risk, because I seem to have a bit of a jinx on me of late.....it started about a month and a half ago, when I went out to give the 'girls' some feed.   I was looking at them, and not paying much attention to the ice on the ground, which I had been avoiding that week....YUP...you guessed it...down I went!  I landed on my left side, hurting my arm badly.  I was left with a huge bruise running from above the elbow to halfway down my arm.  The bruise has since disappeared, but the elbow still hurts some.

The next week, I accidentally grabbed my glasses when heading out the door, instead of my keys, and noticed my mistake just when I slammed the door shut. I needed to make it to an appointment and stood there in the cold, windy rain for a moment, before I came to the realization that I would have to break the glass in the old back room door in order to get back in to retrieve my keys.  Now, I chose this method of reentry, because the top of the window in that door already had a crack in it.  At first I tried prying the old putty off the window, using a tool from the hubby's workshop, but time was a-wastin', so I just smashed through the glass with my hand (okay...I know....not too smart).  I left the glass to clean up when I got home.

Story number three....that same evening, I returned home later...the Mister was already home and had cleaned up the glass.  He was in the barn chopping some wood for kindling to start a fire.  I said Hi, then went on over to the coop to put the "girl"s in for the night.  I was trying to grab one of the roosters and as I went to do so...I slipped in the mud...and went down....UGH...mud on my bum, legs and arms.  I let out a somewhat pathetic cry/laugh noise....good thing I can laugh at myself, because more bad luck was still on it's way....

Fast forward another week...the weather is improving, and I have the urge to open up the storm windows and let in the fresh air.  Most of the windows in our old home are original, very heavy wood windows.  I open the window by our bed, prop it up with the wooden stick we use, and proceed to fight with the storm and screen windows.  You see where I'm going with this gals....yes...that blasted window slammed down on my right hand SO hard, I thought for sure it was broken, and for a brief second as I wriggled in pain  on the side of the bed, my first thought was "AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT"  Yes.....that was my FIRST thought!  The pain subsided after about 5 minutes...I was almost afraid to try to move my hand...but by the grace of God, I was able to move it!  No lasting effects, except another big bruise to add to my ever growing collection.

Okay...you would think that was enough, but nope...not done YET!

I went to run errands last week.  It was a very, very windy day.  I parked at Tractor Supply, so I could run in to grab a new pair of their great ladies' work gloves.  I spied a wonderful Redbud tree on my way in, so nabbed the tag off of it to pay for it.  Grabbed my gloves and paid for them and the tree.  Found a flat cart to wheel the tree out to the car. I was doing just that when I heard a THUD!  I saw the guy get out of his car next to mine, rubbing the side of my car.  The wind had swung his door open so hard, that it put a dent and big scratch in my car...great!  Standing out in the terrible wind, trying to keep that tree upright, while talking to this guy and getting insurance information....my hair blowing all over the place...I must have looked like the wicked witch of the east (since this is NY).

My next little blessing came on Saturday.   My DIL, Steph, and I were heading to the store.  I decided to use Hubby's car and went to open the driver's door to get in and BAM it swung into my upper chest/shoulder area...OUCH...yippee, another bruise to add to my collection.

That night, while doing dishes, I broke a glass....

Fast forward to last night.  The Mister and I met over at our old house to have dinner with Drew & Maria, before Maria and I took the dogs to training.  The Mister and Drew were staying at the house this time to cut down a small tree and watch sweetie Peter.   Mr. Whimzie asked me if he needed to move his car, I said, "No, I should be able to get around it just fine..."  Yup...you guessed it...I didn't get around it just fine, and ended up crumpling up the right front of it above the tire...he just got the car a few months ago...I just wanted to cry!

Please pray for me gals....this bad luck has got to end soon!  I'm almost afraid to go anywhere or do anything!  LOL.

Have a blessed day - hope my trials and tribulations gave you a laugh, and made you a little more thankful for the blessings in your life.  I'm thankful that every little accident I have had has not been anything major, and has helped me to not sweat the little stuff.  I'm off to go buy some bubble wrap.


  1. Oh my...you certainly have a need for that bubble wrap! I'd get the BIG bubbles bubble wrap for sure!! Glad you're only bruised and nothing serious has held you back from crafting.


    Jan ♥

  2. I have had weeks like that, seems to come in streaks, so hopefully yours will end soon, lol. I did lock myself out one night and my husband wasn't due home for hours, so I found a window with an old window and pulled it out with a screwdriver I found and luckily the inner window was unlocked.


  3. OK Wendy, this was the laugh I needed today...sorry at your expensive but I was rolling off the chair. You know I can totally relate to all your mishaps. They must come in pairs and more!
    You do need the bubble wrap, I will start praying for you, and by some grace neither of us will have a big mishap!!
    Hopefully this will all go away soon.
    Be safe and enjoy your day,

  4. Oh my!!!! You just need to stay in bed until this time of "accidents" passes. :) Be careful! :)

  5. Oh my, things have surely got to start turning around for you soon! I will try and send some positive energy your way, but if you can still craft then not all is lost! :-)

  6. Oh my gosh Wendy!I think you and I should meet somewhere and hide out together.Been having the same kind of luck,will be praying that things get better for you soon.Big Hugs,Jen

  7. My gosh Wendy you need to be placed in a "bubble" for a while, so you can heal!!! Wow, what a bad run of things you've had. Hopefully you can put those hands back to work instead of braking glass or getting them smashed!
    I'll admit, it did make me chuckle........forgive me.
    Bless you,

  8. Oh my gosh! Didn't all the troubles surrounding you read the memo about only such thing only happening in up to three? (apparently if they did get the memo they upgraded you to 'sets of three' :-( count.....

    Here's hoping it comes to an stop soon - if not immediately!

    Been much the same here - I was scurrying around the corner to the laundry room the day before Easter (and hosting Easter dinner at 12noon next day) slipped/tripped/who knows which? Fell front first on an old oak square seated chair, point into the ribs, bounced off that and raked my back along the wood broom handle I rested there while sweeping up a few minutes earlier and then landed on my hip and elbow. Quite the site I imagine. Nowhere near as impressive as your list tho Wendy, lol Only cracked ribs and a couple bruises.

    A few years back I had the same thing happen with my old window smashing my hand - for what it's worth, I now always put a hefty book - dictionary or such - on the window sill/casing when I open or close the windows. Not full protection but it keeps from a full slam and hopefully reduces the chance of a broken hand or finger....

    Well I'd best hush this ramble -
    PLEASE take care of yourself!

    Hugs, Issy

  9. Well I really don't want to laugh with you Wendy, I feel bad that all this is happening to you. Hang in there, it has to end sometime.


  10. Oh my goodness...girl you need to get that bubble wrap fast and roll yourself in it for protection. You can't have bad karma or mojo you're to sweet.

  11. Oh, Wendy! I'm sorry I giggled! I am now picturing you swaddled in Bubble Wrap!!! Glad you weren't hurt terribly and hope your 'luck' takes a turn for the good!

  12. You poor, poor girl, I am so sorry you are going through such a rough stretch. Isn't life funny that our trials and tribulations all seem to come at once? Try to look on the positive side though Wendy, after this bad stretch you will have years and years of smooth sailing! Hang in there and add another layer of bubble wrap just in case! Deb


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