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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tropical Thursday!

Mornin' ladies - Whew is it HOT here in Central New York - we hit 95 at one point yesterday, and today is going to be about the same.  Just in time for the Tip of the Week this week are some awesome recipes for homemade popsicles!  These aren't your ordinary kiddy treats (although I don't doubt the kids will gobble them up) and are sure to cool you down...so why not head on over to my Tip of the Week page to check out all the recipes.

I started mowing early yesterday morning in an attempt to beat the heat.  Four hours later I was dripping.  After watering plants and chickens, I headed on over to our old home, to help Drew & Maria clean out the garage...we still had a lot of things in there from our move last summer and it really needed to be done! We got so much accomplished and it is looking great for their party on the Fourth of July.  Maria made us a tasty dinner, yummy dessert and then we cooled off with a dip in the pool....oh man...I was saying to Mr. Whimzie...why did we move???  This pool feels so good!  We need another one...haha.

Today I have to finish up some orders to mail out tomorrow on my way to pick up my nephew Jake for his first long visit of the summer!  He's plenty excited and we have a ton of things planned...graduation party this week, bike riding, swimming, and so much more.  I do love it when he comes to visit.  He's such a fun guy!

Okay my peeps...off to try out one of those new popsicle recipes and finish those orders.  Have a lovely day!


  1. Hot here in Pa. too Wendy. Stay cool.


  2. How fun to have your nephew visit. I'm sure he will have a blast!

  3. Sounds like you are still accomplishing much, even in the heat.Going to have to try those recipes for the grand kids. Stay cool. Blessings ~Sara

  4. Cooler here today thankfully and get did get rain this morning. The corn is happy. Those popsicles look yummy!


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