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Friday, June 1, 2012

Christmas in July Swap!

We are all familiar with the Christmas in July sales and events....so I thought it would be fun to have a

Christmas in July Swap!

I'm getting a bit of a late start on this swap, so sign-ups will be for two weeks only, ending June 15th and swap packages are due to be mailed out by July 15th.  Since I know how busy this time of year is, the swap will be for 2  Christmas items.  One must be a doll of some sort, Santa, angel, reindeer, etc and the other can be a lesser item.  I am saying this to avoid someone just getting two ornies.  Please give something you would like to receive.  Most of your swappers already know the drill - lol.    I have posted some pictures to give you a few ideas of what you could include:

Santa doll
Christmas garland
candy canes
Christmas signs
Christmas ornies



The rules are as follows:

*You must be a follower of my blog and I must know you to some extent...meaning you have commented many times on my blog.  

*You should have an active blog.

*You must include at least 2 items in your swap package and one must be a doll. Of course, if the Christmas spirit is upon you and you wish to include more goodies, you can.

*You must mail your package by July 15th.  Please include a delivery confirmation on your package.

*This swap is only open to US residents this time.

*Once your receive your swap, you should make a blog post thanking your swap partner and showing us the wonderful treasures you have received.

In order to sign up, you must comment here and then send me your name, address, blog, email and a list of things you like that have to do with Christmas.  You can send that information to me at RWPrimcrafts@aol.com.   PLEASE remember to do this!  I have had at least one person in each swap say they wanted to join, but I never got their information...and I hate to have to ignore their interest in the swap.

Remember, sign-ups end June 15th, so hurry and get your information to me!
Merry Christmas!

Now for those chickie pics I've been promising!  They are all settled into their new home and enjoying the country life!

CLUCK CLUCK!  Is that CHICKEN salad sandwiches I see?   How COULD you!?!?

Thursday I had some friends over for lunch, and I made these yummy chicken salad sandwiches.  I'll be posting the recipe on our food blog, The Crow's Crusty Loaf, later today.  You can find the link to that blog on the upper left sidebar.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. I missed your last one so I'm in.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Oh how fun!! Christmas, my most favorite thing of all! I would love to be included in your swap! I will email you soon, I am pretty sure you know me.LOL
    Love the chickies!
    Be blessed!

  3. Hi, I haven't done a swap and been feeling the need to do one, I would love to be included. Thanks, Cyndy

  4. I would Love to be included in this Swap. Sending you my info.


  5. Hi Wendy,

    I was wondering if (and hoping that) someone was going to do a Christmas in July swap! I'm in!


  6. Love the chickens! I would also like to join your swap. Christmas if my favorite holiday to make things for.

  7. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK! I'm ALLLLLLLLLLLL over this one Wendy!! Sign me up!!!

  8. Oh Wendy,
    I am soooooo tempted!
    I LOVE Christmas swaps.
    But with everything going on right now, I am affraid to commit.
    Im going to think about it for a couple of days, if I decide to join in I'll send ya my information.
    I really do want to though! Hummm... hopefully, we'll see.
    Can you tell from this comment Im a little nutso right now. LOL!!

  9. Count me in. Sending you my info.
    Blessings Linda

  10. I would love to join in this swap Wendy! I missed the last one so I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with on this one, Valerie

  11. Oh my what a cute post. That chicken coop is amazing.
    Great job. I love it.
    Your babies look wonderful too.
    Hugs to my chickie pal.


  12. Love your chicken coop Wendy! It's so wonderful!

  13. I just discovered your blog and I love the Christmas in July swap idea! I'll be sure to be interactive so I can participate in the next one!

  14. Wendy sign me up....I'll be sending you my info soon. :0)

  15. Love the chick's house! So cute. Yum yum chicken salad. :-)

  16. Hi Wendy: I love the sound of this Christmas in July swap. I hope you will include me in the fun. I am emailing you right now.


  17. Hi Wendy!

    I love your chicken coop - I want to get chickens soooo bad!
    I am going to join your Christmas swap!


  18. I would love to be in your Christmas swap.

  19. Hi Wendy,
    Count me in for the Xmas in July Swap...sounds so fun. Will email info. Have a great day. Hugs,


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