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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 5 - Twelve Days of Christmas Share-a-thon

Day 5 - Partridge in A Pear Tree Wreath

Tired of the same old wreath on your front door for the holidays?  Why not play off of the Twelve Days of Christmas and make yourself a Partridge in A Pear Tree Wreath like mine!

Items you will need for this project:
Pine wreath
Spool of Gold ribbon
Small vine balls
Faux frosted pears
Dried Orange slices
Cinnamon Sticks
Small Partridge birds from craft store
Turkey, Pheasant or Grouse feathers, also available at craft store
Hot Glue

Make a large bow from your gold ribbon and place at the top of your wreath with florist wire.  Next, cut a long length of the same ribbon and wrap it around your wreath, leaving the loops loose and tucking into the pine every so often.  Next hot glue the dried orange slices (I dried mine in my dehydrator, but you can also use your oven on a very low temperature) onto the wreath, spacing them every few inches or so and nestling them into the pine a bit.   Do the same with your vine balls, faux fruit, cinnamon sticks and finally, your little patridges. I like to place the items on my wreath, look at it, then decide if I want to move anything before I glue each one.  I chose to glue my birds perched on the vine balls, so they did not get 'lost' in the greenery.

When you are all done, tuck the feathers in here and there until you are happy with the way it looks. Take a length of wire and make a loop on the back of the wreath for hanging...you are done. 
If properly dried, these orange slices will last for years.
I wish the wreath picture had turned out better...it really is very pretty to look at and unique.  Enjoy - see you tomorrow!


  1. A very lovely wreath...I love decorating with dried orange slices also...and the little partridges just set it off.......

  2. Very sweet Wendy - I love the naturals at the holidays - greens, fruits, etc. - and the addition of the feathers is a wonderful touch. Great ideas and inspirations! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. What a beautiful wreath! Great job!

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous! I just ordered two from the boy scouts, and I think they will come with just a bow. Thanks for the ideas for adding a little something extra to it. I've never done the orange slices before, but I believe I will this year. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Beautiful wreath Wendy. You have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous Wreath ~ terrific creativity~

  7. I am so enjoying your 12 Days posts! I love this wreath!Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas.
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  8. That is a beautiful wreath. I love the orange slices.

  9. Wendy, what a lovely wreath. I love wreaths. Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  10. Hi Wendy :) I'm so happy I found your blog!!
    Off you look at all your amazing projects.

  11. Great wreath. I love how you put it together. Thanks for the idea.

  12. Your wreath is beautiful Wendy, thank you so much for the tutorial! How did I miss that you were doing your 12 Days of Christmas Share-A-Thon, how wonderful! Off to check out the projects I missed and thanks so much for your generosity :O)

  13. Love that little partridge, have to see if I can find one here!


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