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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lots of Water - Before & After Pics

Like so many in Pennsylvania & NY, we got a ton of rain the last couple of days...over 4 inches around us...but much more to our south and east just a bit.  At the request of our meteorologist son, Drew, I took some before pictures of our stream/waterfalls, and then, when he and his wife came for lunch today, we took some after pictures.  Thought you would enjoy seeing the difference.  We were lucky and had nothing more than some seepage in the basement, and the sump pump did run a lot during the night.  From what we saw at the creek, the water was about 2 feet higher than when we went down to take pictures.   

  I'll be back tomorrow with a special announcement!  Gotta go fix dinner for my starving Mr. Whimzie. 


  1. Amazing how fast flood waters will appear and
    move in dry steams and river beds...
    Keep safe... thanks for sharing and keep us
    update...thoughts and prayers ...

    Warm Blessings

  2. Wendy your pre & post pics are are amazing, capturing the beauty as well as the uncontrollable power of nature.

    I am SO glad to read you, your family and your home are safe ~ my heart breaks for those around you and elsewhere in PA and NY who are facing flooding and evacuation. I can only fearfully imagine the emotions that encircle a forced departure from ones home.....

    Can't wait to hear your news tomorrow!

    Keep us posted on how

  3. Wow thats a lot of water , be safe ! Been rainy here as well just not that bad ! Have agreat evening ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  4. Good gracious that's a lot of water! The weather this year sure has been nuts that's for sure.

    Got my Peter Rabbit today! Looooooooove him!! Will be doing a blog post next week. :)
    Thanks so much sweets!
    xx, shell

  5. Love your pictures of the water, they look beautiful but dangerous. Hope you stay dry, Cyndy

  6. Rain Rain Go Away!
    Hugs Friend


  7. The "befores" and "afters" are incredible (good idea your smart wonderful son had) - but, gushing water or not, I'm just amazed at the beauty that you have surrounding you! Those waterfalls and streams are incredibly gorgeous! When can I come to visit?? ;o) Seriously - stay safe and hope all is well....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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