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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exciting News at our House!

As many of you know, our son, Drew is a senior metoerology major at SUNY Oswego and runs his own website GrotonWeather.com...we have been anxiously awaiting word from Cornell and today he received word that he has been accepted into the Atmospheric Sciences Masters Degree Program at Cornell!  He is so excited and we are very proud parents! 


  1. How exciting for Drew!! A big congrats!!


  2. Wendy- How exciting for him. Cornell is ofcourse, as you know, a great school. My grandfather went there in the early 1900's. I attended several 4-H events and loved the campus. Ithica is a neat town too. Will he fit in any skiing while he is there? Lots of good downhill nearby. ~Ann

  3. That is excellent news! Congratulations!

    ~Prim Blessings~

  4. Awww Wendy...what wonderful news to share with us....happy to hear such good news:)

    Congratz to Drew and two loving parents,

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Ann - Cornell is only 15 minutes from our home and he's been working there in the met. dept for the last 4 summers...so he is well acquainted with it. In addition, my hubby and his proud father is a graduate of Cornell - class of 1980!

  6. Excellent!!!!!Will we see him on the news here in NYS sometime or does he want to move out of state?

  7. Congrats to him! You have every reason to be proud!!


  8. I don't know to much about American University's but even I have heard of Cornell!!! Well done for your Lad

  9. This is definitely something to be proud of! Wonderful news! ~*~Lisa

  10. Very exciting! All the best to him as he continues his education. ~Roberta


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