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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Email Problems - Please read

Hello friends - I have continued to have email problems with my rvwzies@aol.com account.  No matter how I send an email, it either gets returned as undeliverable, or it just disappears into cyberspace....never to be heard of again.  So for now delete that addy from your address books and please write to me at rvprimcrafts@yahoo.com.  I will be making another AOL account shortly and hopefully all will work with that. Thanks so much!

I created another AOL account.  You can use the yahoo one or contact me at

Thanks again dears.


  1. Wendy I too have had this issue with my aol for a couple of days. I read somewhere that others with aol are having issues.

  2. Hi Wendy, did you get the email I sent about the Standing Rabbit pattern? Just in case you didn't I will re-send to one of your new email addresses.

    Have a lovely weekend,


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