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Monday, March 30, 2020

Reaching out....

Another week of isolation begins.  Have you been doing okay?  It is my sincere prayer that each of you, and your family, is staying healthy. 

My hubby is here, working from home, so I am not totally alone.  I keep busy with orders, and have been sewing masks as well.  We are blessed that we have food, shelter and warmth...so many are not as lucky.  We've been skyping with the grandkids, so I don't miss them quite as much, but certainly cannot wait for the time when I can wrap them in my arms again.  Our oldest grandson talked my ear off while skyping with him last week...we chatted for over an hour...and he is only 7.  We have a special bond....his younger brother wouldn't look at the camera and was either being grumpy or just goofy, but I did manage to get him to say a few things.

If you are finding it hard to deal with this new way of life, or just want to chat, I invite you to email me at rwprimcrafts@aol.com.  Tell me how you are feeling, and I will do my best to lift your spirits. It's a very good time to rekindle old friendships and reach out to comfort each other. 

A short post today, but I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I would love to hear from you.  

God bless. 

A little humor - Hubby is a huge Star Trek fan.


  1. What a sweet post and gesture Wendy... Yes, a very good time to reach out...rekindle relationships...and be kinder than necessary. I am hoping this whole thing brings some good....you know, kind of like pressing a restart button.... Hope your week is off to a great start... ~Robin~

  2. Thought I would say hello. No snow here - I live in FL & it’s quite hot already! Just found your blog today. Stay well!
    JoAnna in FL

  3. Hi Wendy,
    My husband is also working from home. Most of my grand kids (9 in total) are 5 and under and face timing is hard to hold their attention. And I have two teenage grandsons that are pretty quiet. One of our sons live in Silverton, OR (we live in Torrance, CA) with three of the little ones so we FT at least once a week. It is awesome to see them run around and play while I visit with our son. I am a creator of many things so I am mostly holed up in my nest (craft room). My happy place. I have pretty music playing and usually our three dogs in here with me. I love having my Rob home every day. He will be retiring in a year or so and this has been an awesome sneak peek of our future. We too are blessed to have a home to shelter in, food to eat and each other.
    I like you can't wait to hug on my grandchildren!
    Thank you for the uplifting post.


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