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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome October!

My oh  my, how does the time fly by so quickly!
Who can believe it is October already?  I am already missing the awesome Summer we had.  I miss working around the yard after dinner or sitting watching the chickens before they turn in for the night.  Now, sadly, by the time we are finished with dinner, it is already getting dark out.

But, there are advantages to the changing of the seasons.  Here in the Finger Lakes Region of central New York State, the hills come alive with the colors of Fall.  The trees are just beginning their change from Summer green to Autumn splendor.  I will try my best to share some pictures as the colors advance.

Despite the slowing down that the beginning of Fall would indicate, we are busy as usual.  We watched the boys this past weekend, and enjoyed them so much.  Petie and Joey are the sweetest...okay, I am just a bit biased, but little children make life worth living.  Their abundant curiosity, their goofy antics and those wonderful smiles certainly do warm the heart.

Chris has been traveling to Texas for business and I've started a new part time job.  I'm busy creating in my spare time, and thought I would share a few of the things I have made recently, all of which are now in my Etsy shop, which the exception of the cat quilt, which is hanging on my wall.

We are finally seeing an end to the huge construction project we began late last year.  Except for a few minor projects inside, the bulk of our Summer we concentrated on outdoor projects, so not much was done in the new room. We have still been using it all the time, but it will be good to have it completed.  Next week we have a contractor coming to do the ceiling.  The Hubby had started to do that first, but ran into problems with the less than level ceiling of this old 1830 home, so we decided to let the professionals deal with it.  Once the ceiling is done, we can put in our flooring - yeah - no more plywood floor!

Off to get busy with my day - enjoy the pictures below and have a blessed week.

Petie and Joey look on as Grandpa coaxes a spider from his web in the grass.
Smiley Petie
Joey playing on the soccer field

Baby Elena is growing up so fast...such a pretty little girl

Allie goes apple pickin'

All of the above items are now listed in my Etsy shop.  The two tall pumpkin people will soon be listed as patterns as well, so check back soon if you want to make them yourself!

Happy Fall!


  1. I would like it to stay warmer and lighter, but it is nice to have cooler air and be able to go hiking more, the heat is too much for that. The grandkids are so sweet, what fun to have them there to enjoy nature with.


  2. Boy the grands seem like they are growing so fast. My nieces and nephews are doing that as well. So much joy they bring. I'm ready for fall been sooo hot here over the summer. Warm Blessings!~♥Amy

  3. Grandkids are so much fun! Mine are growing up too fast. Janice

  4. Your grandchildren are adorable! I love your new crafts, your creativity is amazing. It is hard to believe it's October already, we will be having our Thanksgiving this weekend already (Canadian Thanksgiving). Where did the time go? Enjoy your week. Kelly

  5. 'Love the new creations. Autumn is a favorite season for me. Great photos of the grands. Well, we all are biased as to our grands being the cutest and best, lol. That is only natural. Children truly are blessings. 'Glad you all are finishing up your house. We have had renos going on for over a month now, and will be glad when all is finished also. Looking forward to Thanksgiving :)


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