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Monday, April 11, 2016

Busy quilting...........

Good morning Prim Friends.
I hope you had a glorious weekend.
I am writing this on Sunday evening...it is still very cold here...28. I'm so wishing that Spring would really come.
I took these lovely pictures of the sunrise on the way to church today.  

"The Earth is full of the goodness of the Lord"

I was very busy last week, working on a couple of quilts for some adorable grandchildren.  Little Joey is now 1 1/2, so I figured it was about time he had a quilt of his own.  I always meant to make it long before now, but seems that life gets so busy, as does business...and I finally had a free week to work on it.
It is all layered and ready to quilt, which I will be doing Tuesday.
Once I completely finish with it, you can be sure I will share some pictures!  The dinosaur scales on their back are prairie points, as is the outer border, so it has some dimensional elements to it.

I was also very busy making another baby quilt...this time for our soon to be second grand-daughter.  Her due date is May 16th...and she won't have to wait for 1 1/2 years to enjoy her quilt.

This quilt was from the same book as the dinosaur one, and I just fell in love with the dimensional butterflies...so girly!  The wings really popped when I quilted it.  Love how it turned out.  I included a couple of materials from big sister Allie's quilt that I made before she was born....I'll share a picture of that too.
Allie's quilt
 and.....I may as well show you a picture of Petie's quilt too.
Petie's quilt, which I designed myself.

As you can tell, I really enjoy making quilts...but rarely have time for it.  My next project is a big one....it's called Our Town, and I'm hoping to start that later this week.  It's fairly large with lots of different homes and barns, etc. so it will take me a while to complete.  I hope to share progress on that as I go along.  I do have to start creating more Spring and Summer goodies for my shop though....always busy!

I'm off to my parent's tomorrow to help them around the house, as well as watching Allie for the day, so it's looking like a no-sew day for me.

Have a blessed week.

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  1. Heirlooms in the making for the Grands..smile...Enjoy your time with your family,I'm sure your parents will enjoy seeing Allie.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Good afternoon Wendy. I love your quilts. I love quilting and I'm actually quilting now myself. I have two I'm working on for daughters and then will be on to granddaughters. If you pop over for a visit to my blog I posted some on the one quilt. I thinks its going to be pretty. Have a blessed afternoon. God Bless.

  3. I love all your quilts, they are so fun and fun designs. I need to make some for my grandson's bunkbeds.


  4. All of the quilts are adorable. Such cute fabrics and patterns. You are an excellent quilter :)


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