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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Reno - Part Three

Sorry for the little delay in continuing with the progress on our room...I was a bit under the weather yesterday, with a badly pulled muscle that made it next to impossible to move much...but I'm feeling better today and ready to continue sharing our renovation with you.

I left you last time with the installation of our picture window.  You cannot imagine how exciting it was to get up the next morning to see all the light pouring into a room that, beforehand, was dark and dreary.
The wide opening before installation

Cleaning up before bed.

There was so much light streaming through in the morning, that it was difficult to get a good picture!
I wanted to skip back a bit to when we were installing the new floor joists, because I had some cute pictures that I wanted to share.  
Chris had all his floor joist boards in the 'pit'..they were a bit long, so we had then leaning up on one side, with the other at the bottom of the pit and against the wall.  Well..Sweetie Petie was over to spend the weekend with us, and to keep him occupied while I helped Chris, I let him start rolling a ball down the boards.  He loved doing that, but then decided he needed to get his Matchbox cars to send down the 'bridge' as he called it.  He had a grand time, starting at the top, and crashing them down into the wall at the bottom.  When he grabbed the Hess truck I had gotten him, I was afraid he might break it running it into the wall, so I grabbed the blanket off the couch to cushion the truck as it sped down to the end.  Peter spent a lot of time playing with the cars, truck and ball.  All of the sudden...he looked at the blanket I had placed at the bottom, and began to sit on the boards.  Next thing I know, he was asking for a pillow, which I grabbed from the guest bedroom...and that sweet little guy laid down on those boards, pulled the blanket over himself and fell asleep!
I cannot imagine it was too comfy for him, but he napped for at least an hour or so.

Petie also tried to help with the cleaning up.  He had the best time with Papa's shop vac, and he was very meticulous about it too!

Next, we moved on to replacing more installation and putting up drywall to replace what we had taken down.

 I also purchased a new door and window to replace the very old ones that were in the room on the east side.  
We tried to figure out if we could reuse the old door, but it was cracked and wouldn't shut tight without a good swift kick...so we opted to replace it with one as close as possible to the original.
New window and door await installation.

It was warmer when we replaced this window!  When I was ripping out the old window, I found some very old pieces of woven coverlet, tucked under the window for installation.  I saved as much as I could and carefully rinsed away the dirt and grime, so I could save some to put with our other 'artifacts' from the house.

Reinstalled and ready for drywall.
At this point, Christmas was quick approaching, so the Hubby and I decided it was time to put the tools away and clean up, so we could put up our tree and at least be a little ready for the crowd at Christmas!
The beam you see in the middle of the picture, was the old loft railing, and will be moved up towards the ceiling for added support, as soon as the hubby gets around to it.

The old entertainment armoire will be replaced with a built-in unit to house the tv, with bookcases flanking each side, and of course, display area on top for my collectibles.

As you know, my aunt passed away shortly after Christmas, and we had to delay work on the room for another week or so.  Since that time, I have finished the drywall and compounding, sanded and primed the walls.  I hope to paint this weekend.
We are still living with a plywood floor, but hey, it's easy to clean!  We're planning to put down hardwood or laminate flooring once the ceiling and fireplace area are completed.  
Hubby has been working on wiring in the can lights in the drop portion of the ceiling, and once he is done with all that framing and wiring, we'll have someone come in and drywall the ceiling....it would be just too huge of a task for us to do.  
I will share more progress with you as we move along...with only weeknights and weekends to work on it, it takes some time to finish.  I think we are going to do trim moldings for the windows and door this weekend.
Thanks for following along and come back soon!


  1. The room is coming along nicely and it is going to be a wonderful family room when you finish.


  2. Love seeing the progress, it is going to be beautiful, or as you-know-who would say, "bee-u-tee-ful Miss Wendy".

    Hey, I can say it myself, bee-u-tee-ful, Miss Wendy. I can see myself there with you, just us - Miss Wendy and Prudence - has a nice ring doesn't it?

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Petie is sooooo adorable! Your reno is looking good. Janice

  4. Wow how nice it must be with all that light. And when you get'er all finished up, it will be amazing:)

  5. I enjoy following along. You all (or ya'll) are doing a great job!

  6. You have really gotten a lot done, the room looks so much larger.
    Can't wait to see more.

  7. Hi Wendy, love your new window, love all the light coming into the room. I love Chris little helper, how adorable. So glad you are feeling better, you and Chris just keep telling each other all of this hard work will be worth it. hugs, Lecia

  8. I think the cat approves of all the added space. ;-) I just love your big new window!

  9. What a lovely house. The work is really coming along :)


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