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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Happy Wednesday!
It's hard to believe that we have only a few days left in the
Ravenwood Whimzies Primitives
12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Time sure flies when you are having fun!  Speaking of fun...did you get to check out Denise's post yesterday?  There was a little glitch with Blogger in the morning, so if you visited then, please do return to her blog to see her post.  

Denise shared a super easy tutorial for a Homespun Rag tree.  Oh gosh, they are simply adorable and they look so prim!  I've got to try one...or two...or three!  Denise also shared a wonderful raisin spice bar recipe, handed down from her grandmother...they look delicious! If you missed Denise's post, just scroll down to my blog post from yesterday (Day 8), to find all the links to visit her blog and shop.

For today's guest, I'm featuring someone near and dear to my heart and my home...my daughter-in-law, Maria of The Frenzied Fox blog.  Maria is married to our youngest son, Drew, and they have two adorable boys, Peter & Joseph.  Now if you are a regular follower of my blog, I am certain you have seen, well...just a "few" proud grandma pictures of those two boys.  They live in our old home, here in beautiful and rural central New York State,which we sold to them when we moved to our 1830 dream home. 
Maria is an extremely talented artist, who is always busy with commissions and projects.  She has done some primitive creations in the past, and loves wool applique.  As a couple, she and Drew have started an online and local soap business, Ye Olde Goat Cart.  They make goat's milk soap in wonderful scents and colors, rich and creamy lotions, beard oil and lip balms.  This year they purchased two goats, so they could have their own milk to use in their products.

Maria shares that their town is a quaint little town, close to the country and surrounded by farmlands and hills.  Their yard borders a pretty woods.  It is peaceful there, and small...they don't even have a traffic light! She says it is a nice contrast to where she lived before she and Drew were married, which was in a busy suburb of the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

Their Christmas celebrations start with attending a lovely Christmas Eve Mass with extended family (yup, that's us). The music and decor of the big old church is so lovely, serene and prayerful.  Depending on their Chirstmas Day schedule, they open their gifts at home with the boys either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.  Then, they travel to the 'in-laws' (yup...us again) for a Christmas Day filled with food and fun.  When Maria, Drew and the boys return home, Maria often Skypes with her family in Wisconsin. I am sure it is hard for her to be away from her family during the holidays.

Maria says that her must-have holiday treats are Cherry Sugar Cookies, which her family always had.  They are one of her favorites, and I am hoping that she shares the recipe with us today!

You can find Maria at her blog, on her Frenzied Fox FB page, their Ye Olde Goat Cart FB page, and their Ye Olde Goat Cart website

I am anxious to see what she's planning, so let's hop on over to her blog now for more Christmas Blog Hop fun!
I will see you tomorrow, as I introduce you to another very special blogger!  Her post is sure to be one you won't want to miss!!


  1. Hi Wendy, I feel like I already know Maria, I can't wait to meet her in person one day!! So excited to see her post. And I highly recommend her and your sons goats milk products highly. hugs, Lecia

  2. Good Morning Miss Wendy.

    Maria named our Vlad, remember? He says "hello" (in vulture) and we both say Merry Wednesday. Mom is at Maria's looking at her bee-u-tee-ful home.

    Prudence & Vlad

  3. Very cute piggy and now I am imagining a whole barnyard themed tree theme. I am in an 1860s house in Wisconsin.

    In order not to miss your posts, I am leaving your page open and enjoying the music all day long. Thank you.

  4. I loved Maria's little pig! Great tutorial....

  5. How wonderful Maria has joined in the hop! Off to see what she has in store for us! Deb xo


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