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Monday, July 13, 2015

My Pin Keep Swap has arrived....and a surprise in the mail!

Good morning prim folks!
Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  My weekend was made doubly fun by a couple of packages I received...and they both were because of the Pin Keep swap I recently held right here on my blog.

First up was my package from Christi Hocking, CH2 Christi Hocking Handcrafts!  Christi also has a blog.  She's a wonderful artist, and I was so happy we ended up being paired together in my swap. Christi sent me this ADORABLE snowman pinkeep!

I love his pudgy belly and fuzzy red vest...and the little details like the hand-stitching, scarf and hankie make him very special.
Thank you so much Christi!  I'm so glad you had an opportunity to join in the swap this year!

The next box was REALLY a surprise...I wasn't expecting anything from Danice at Homespun Hannah's .  She joined in the Pinkeep Swap too, but was paired with someone else.  Those of you who know Danice, know how generous and kind she is....and when I opened her box, I found this lovely pin keep and sweet little notions box.

Danice is a very talented sewer and the pin keep she sent looks soooo complicated.  I doubt I could have gotten it to come out so perfectly!  And I LOVE the fabric she used!  The little notions box also contained some thread, in a color I use ALL the time, and a sweet thimble too - sorry I forgot to snap pictures of them.
Thank you so much Danice - your generosity made my day!  I love them both.

For those of you that joined in the swap, don't forget that your packages must be mailed by Friday!  Mine is nearly done, and will be making it's way to Christi soon.  I'm a little behind because of the on-going health problems my parents are having and the help they have needed.  It's an hour trip both ways for me, and I usually spend the day taking them to appointments and/or helping around the house.  It's been cutting into my creating quite a bit the last month or so, but I hope squeeze in a new creation here and there...maybe even get an Offerings Update on my FB page by the end of the month.  Please say some prayers for my parents if you could.  Thanks so much.
Hope your Summer is going well....I'll be back soon for more sharing, cooking and creating!


  1. Hi Wendy, I so wanted to join your swap, it had been awhile with Amy out of commission but I can't sew tee hee hee. Anyway your pinkeep from Christi is adorable! I am a snowman lover and that is a darling one! Danice is such a sweetie! She is always thinking of others!
    Keeping your parents in my prayers!
    Be blessed,

  2. Hi Wendy, love your snowman pinkeep and your pinkeep from Darnice, they are two talented ladies. hugs, Lecia

  3. Absolutely adorable! And yes, Danice is a sweetie! Will get mine out on Friday! Hoping your parents get their health back soon! Bless you for being so helpful!

  4. Wonderful pinkeeps Wendy and what a generous gift from Danice. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy for your parents and big hugs to you.


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