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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Catching up.......

Good morning Prim Peeps!
Yep, as promised, I'm finally getting around to making a post.
Things have been fairly hectic here...seems like it just gets busier, and with the holidays coming up, I know that won't be changing too soon.  But it does keep us out of trouble - lol.

Last Saturday we surprised my sweet hubby with a birthday party.  I wanted to celebrate not only his birthday, but also one year of being cancer free.  The boys and DILs helped out so much.  They did all the decorating and food prep while I was getting the hubs out of the house.  He certainly was surprised!

Chris was a good sport and wore his Birthday Party Hat for a quite a while.

Allie & Petie enjoying chips and dip - they were so cute and sneaky.  They would climb up onto the chairs and help themselves to fruit, chips, etc.

Next up...yep...you guessed it...more pics of my adorable grand-kiddos, this time in their Halloween costumes

Allie was a gnome!  Steph & I made her costume.

Petie was a dog - but this dog is very special because I made this costume many years ago for his daddy, Drew.   I can't believe how much he looks like Drew at that age....will have to dig out a picture and compare them.

And....of course...here is little Joseph Maximillan.  He is growing so fast and just started smiling!

  I have always heard that grandbabies hold a very special place in a grandparent's heart...and my heart just swells with love when I see these precious sweeties.

In just a couple days, we will be getting a brand new chicken coop....I can't wait!  The girls (and boys) are fairly crowded in their present coop, and with the cold weather setting in so early, it will be a welcome change to have the added room and convenience that the new coop will provide.  Hubby and I are just about to go out to prepare the site.  We'll be building them a new covered run as well.

I am having another UPDATE on my Facebook page this evening....I will be offering a few new items for sale...like Gerald the snowman, pictured below.

 In addition, I have a couple larger items that are not quite completed yet, and I will be offering on Ebay in the next week.  I'll be sure to post a link so you may take a look.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you dear hubby.
    How wonderful.
    Nothing like new memories with your beautiful Family.
    God is good chickie pal.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgivin
    Lots of woolie Love

  2. Those are wonderful photos of your family and the kids are so cute in their costumes, I love the gnome outfit, very creative idea.


  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby and so glad he is cancer free! Love the photo's of your adorable grandbabies. Hugs, Lecia

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! Your grandkids are adorable! That gnome costume is so darn cute :)

  5. Darling grandbaby photos. Happy belated birthday wishes to Mr. Ravenwood Whimzies :)

  6. That's wonderful news & a celebration is much deserved, good for Your husband , I'm happy for you both! Xo

  7. Happy belated birthday to your hubby Wendy and so thankful to hear that he is cancer free. Those grand kiddos of yours are too adorable for words, precious babies indeed.


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