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Friday, March 28, 2014

Here...chick, chick, chick...and a RAK from Misi

Good morning Prim Peeps!

It is cloudy and dark this morning, with drizzle, but I am so thankful it is not snowing.  Maybe Spring is on the way finally!

My chicks are growing fast...they are a month old and so cute.  Thought I would take a few of them for a photo shoot the other day.  Not an easy task to grab a few, keep them still, and prevent dogs and cats from being too curious...and of course...the phone rang right in the middle of it all - lol.

Cheep Cheep


In February I was browsing around FB and saw my friend, Misi, of 1890 Gable House Musings offering for sale the cutest bunny in a fabric covered box
  I fell in love and told Misi I would like to order it....but that sweet and generous gal sent me one and wouldn't let me pay for it!  When I offered again to send her something, she just asked that I post pictures of my chickens, so, Misi...I hope the above pictures will do for now...until the weather gets better and I can shoot some of the big girls.  Misi lives just a couple hours away, so she has been experiencing the same weather we have, if not worse, since she is closer to Lake Ontario.
THANK YOU SO MUCH MISI - I love my bunny box and will treasure it for years to come.

I hope you have a fun-filled and blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Miss Wendy,

    Ah, the baby chicks are so cute. Wonder if they think that big rooster is "kin"? Giggle. What a wonderful friend Misi is to send you that precious bunny. You are truly blessed.

    Happy Weekend & Hugs
    Prudence ♥ (Vlad sends vulture kisses ♥)

  2. Aww such a sweet post..
    So much joy..
    Big hugs x

  3. Afternoon Wendy, love your sweet Chickens, so adorable in the basket. Also Misi's bunny is incredible, love, Blessings Francine.

  4. Aw, those chicks look super cute in that basket! I, too, wonder what they think of that big rooster. The bunny box is darling!

  5. What a wonderful gift.
    I love the adorable chick pics too..
    Woolie HUGS

  6. Love the chick photo shoot, too cute! I can't believe how big they are already! Lovely bunny from Misi :O)


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