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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Whatcha been up to Wednesday - AND a BEFORE & AFTER MYSTERY....

...or more appropriately....
What have I been up to.

Well, last week was a mid-winter school vacation, so Scott & Steph were home from their teaching jobs, and I had a chance to catch up on cleaning and organizing, since I didn't have to watch Allie. 
We took one day to go antiquing...and I found a few treasures that I plan to resell in my new Etsy shop, The Olde Rusty Rooster, once it is up and running.  Scott & Steph found a lovely old set of dressers they purchased, but they would not fit in their car, so on Thursday morning, Scott and I went back to pick them up in our CUV.  
 Scott and I also started to work on a project that I will be using for something very special....but it is turning into a multi-person job, with myself, Scott, Chris and Maria involved.

It all began while floating around Pinterest one night....and recalling an old cabinet that was down in the basement (please disregard the background in these pictures...it is, afterall...the basement)....below are pictures of the cabinet......but what we are doing to this poor forlorn piece of furniture will not be revealed quite yet....it should be completed by tomorrow night, and I will unveil it on Friday.....can any of you guess what I am using this old beat up cabinet for?  If by some chance someone does guess....I will send along a little surprise for them...but I will be very surprised it anyone does....so put on your thinking caps.

 Just make a comment below if you have a guess as to what our project is!  
See you on Friday morning for the reveal!


  1. I have NO imagination, grin, but a hoosier cabinet or a dry sink, would be the easiest I think. Holding my breath waiting to see, have a great week!

  2. Well, Miss Wendy, I don't know, but Vlad says it's a craft table/cabinet for you. Hmm, he could be a smart bird....or a goofy bird. Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence, okay - Vlad too. ♥


  3. My guess is a dry sink. Cannot wait for the reveal. Janice

  4. This looks to be an old sink base that maybe you are making into either potting shelf for outside or a dry sink for inside the house? Looking forward to seeing what you made.

  5. Are you making it into a dry sink? Just a guess :)

  6. I'm thinking sink base. Warm Blessings! Amy

  7. Your old cabinet is awesome, can't wait to see the finished project, I know it will be prim perfect! hugs, Lecia

  8. My first guess was a sewing counterTable for your craft room.

  9. My first thought is dry sink...but then again I saw this cute thing about a small end table or dresser being made over into a kids stove and sink.

  10. Ummm, I get your blogs in my email a day after you post them. I sent my comment in very early this AM, but don't see it. I was on my phone, so maybe it didn't send.

    My guess was a baby changing table for the new grandbabies. I see someone already guessed that. Altho now that I think about it, if you have a grandbaby who lives with you, you probably have one already.
    So I am going to guess a potting table cabinet in the garage. Or a house for the chickens.

  11. Looks interesting!
    My guess would be a dry sink or a bucket bench.
    Happy creating!
    Prim Blessings

  12. I think you're going to put it in your bathroom and put the sink in the top! Now I'm curious....!!! Hugs!

  13. Oh, I just love projects like these! I'm guessing that you are making an incubator...for new chicks. Of course, because I am now growing fodder for my layer hens and since we are just about to get our new chicks...my mind has been in eggland! Can't wait to find out what it will be!
    Sweet blessings,

  14. Is it going to be a sewing machine table/cabinet?

  15. Hi Wendy,sounds like you are a busy lady.Seeing that Spring is around the corner ,I am guessing that maybe you are making a chicken brooder.Guess you can tell where my thoughts are at the moment.Hugs,Jen

  16. Hmmm, I'm thinking a vanity for your bathroom? Lovely old cabinet whatever it will become :O)


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