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Friday, February 28, 2014

Before & After Reveal....and my latest creations

Sorry I'm late posting my reveal for the Before & After mystery....today was extremely busy, and I am just now getting a chance to post.

A few days ago I posted this beat up all cabinet we had in the basement....and asked you all if you could guess what it was going to be.
I had a lot of guesses...but not until late yesterday afternoon, did I have the first person make a very close guess....TabTeacher....wrote....
".....So I am going to guess a potting table cabinet in the garage. Or a house for the chickens"
and she was correct!
It is now a little brooder house for my new chicks, due tomorrow!
 First, I brought it upstairs and painted the base of the cabinet a light sage green.  Then I painted hills in green and a sky in shades of blue.  The next day, Maria, my DIL, came over and painted the mural on the inside...complete with saltbox houses, trees, sheep and of course, a little chicken coop and chickens.  I LOVE how it turned out.
Click for a larger view of the mural.

Next, I cut a piece of vinyl flooring that we had left over from our recent bathroom redo...and glued that into place for a nice, easy to clean floor.  Then I chalked all the edges, added hardware cloth and covered the edges with some trim pieces I painted purple.  
The brooder light clamps onto the old drawer slides inside...and it is all ready to go...waiting for the new chicks to arrive!
What an improvement over my past 'brooders', which consisted of plastic totes with chicken wire over the top.
I am so thrilled with how it turned out.
A few other gals guessed after TabTeacher, but since she was the first, she will win a little prize from me....a set of three Easter chick bowl fillers!  Please email me TabTeacher with your mailing address and I'll get your chicks made up and sent out soon.

Thanks for having a little fun with me this week.
Hope you like the finished project....or better yet...I hope the chicks like it!

I've also been busy finished up orders...these bunnies are on their way to their new owners!
Have a blessed weekend everyone.


  1. How very clever and unique!
    Your little chicks will be welcomed in style.

  2. That is so cute, love the mural, makes it a fun place for the new chicks.


  3. Oh my gosh, that is the most beautfiul chick incubator I've ever seen! Fabulous Wendy and love those bunnies too!

  4. How awesome, your chicken coop is beautiful! Those chickens are going to live in a mansion! It is amazing what you can make out of an old cabinet. And I love your new bunny bunnies! hugs, Lecia

  5. What a neat idea! Turned out wonderful. Those chicks will be in pure luxury..smile..Amy

  6. Oh Miss Felicia, how cute is that llittle brooder house, those chicks will be happy, happy, happy, and nice and cozy. You are so creative and talented. And congratulations to TadTeacher.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  7. Oh Boy, did I goof, I was just talking to Miss Felicia and I'm still a wee bit sleepy and I know I was talking to you, Miss Wendy, but hey, I'm a teddy bear with fiberfill for brains.

    Heaps of sorry. Giggle, that isn't proper English, but I wanted to be funny. Sigh....

  8. Oh Wendy, love it, such a great idea.....Love the bunny's too, sweet, Happy March, Francine.

  9. Wow that turned out beautifully Wendy! Your chicks are sure to be happy and content in such a lovely brooder.Sweet bunnies! Be blessed,Jen

  10. What an adorable new little brooder house. Your new chicks are going to be so spoiled! Your DIL did a fantastic job!! Your bunnies are cute too. Janice

  11. This is adorable! What creativity and awesome teamwork! Such spoiled chickies!!! Love and hugs!


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