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Monday, November 18, 2013

Prayers going out...........

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by yesterday's terrible storms.  I hope all our blogging friends and their families are safe.

I'm finally feeling like myself today after 5 days of a bad sore throat and cold.  It really slowed me down, and now I've got to play catch-up on a few orders and a swap I'm doing.  Luckily there isn't too much  left to do, and I should be back on track soon.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Peter and Allie.....well....because I am a proud Grandmummy and that's what we do!
Don't ya just love Petie's curls?

I think Allie enjoyed her trip to the Disney Store!
Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. Amen, terrible storms..........what a sweetie, to cute, Blessings Francine.

  2. SO cute! Glad you're feeling better. My daughter was in Springfield. Thank goodness they were spared but Peoria got hit :( Prayers for all.

  3. We are near the area hit by the storms. We were up at the lake house at the time they hit so when we got back we were not sure what we would find. My big bird houses were knocked over and the trash I had put out was all over the road but other than that all was good...the quackers were safe in their hut all weekend. My nephew sent a pic. of a tree that landed on his truck (poor kid-his first car) and my FIL trailer had a tire blow when a tree landed on it but over all we fared well a bit north of the area hardest hit. At church yesterday the pastor spoke of storms and the coming...kind of ironic that it hit so close to home in more ways that one...come to think of it, he spoke of "seeing the signs" too. Hmmm.

    Love the grands :)


  4. Praying here too.
    So happy you are feeling better.
    What beautiful grands.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. OK Wendy, did you give your crud to me....in the same boat.
    Luckily we do not live in the storm path--poor folks and it is so cold there.
    Cute little grands!
    Glad you are feeling better!
    Enjoy playing catch up--never ending!

  6. Adorable grand babies!! Glad you are feeling better :D

  7. And you should share pictures of Peter and Allie, they are adorable.

  8. What adorable pictures! Glad you are feeling better Wendy!

  9. Yes, my prayers are with those affected by the bad storms. Your grandbabies are adorable, so glad you are feeling better. hugs, Lecia

  10. Yes, prayers are going their way to the unfortunate people who were involved in the terrible storms! :)

  11. Wendy,
    Your grandchildren are just beautiful. More than words can say.
    You should be a proud Grandmummy. I am sure they give you SO much joy that it fills your heart with lots of love!
    I hope you start feeling better everyday.

  12. Oh my is he big now. So cute they are! We were hit pretty good by the wind and rain. After 36 hours with no power we finally retreated to a hotel only to find out as we were slipping into bed that our power had been restored. Thankfully we didn't shell out more $$$ than needed. Now to invest in a generator. Hubby landed a new job so I will be scaling back on work and hopefully will be able to craft some for the holidays. I am looking forward to returning to blog-land and being re-inspired. I miss reading about everyone's adventures!! Take care. ~Christina

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