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Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings and the loss of a piece of history.....

Good morning all.

I'm sitting here finishing my coffee while the sun streams in the window....trying to soak up some warmth before the rain comes again.  We've had a lot of rain lately, and with the cooler temps, I have been feeling a little 'caged' in...so it was nice to get outside yesterday and work in the yard.

Hubby and I were heading out to take care of the chickens yesterday morning and when I rounded the coop, there on the fence was a hawk.  The chickens were in the chicken yard, and I had noticed that a couple had gotten out, which is why were were on our way outside.  Hoss, one of our Roosters, had taken one hen and one baby into the barn, but the other  poor baby was cowering in the corner of the fence under a log I had set there...good thing I did set it there, because she would have been hawk breakfast.  If we hadn't come out when we did, I know we would have lost her...poor thing was so scared, and sustained a small injury to her wing thanks to Mr. Hawk, but all is well.  I cleaned her up and applied some antibiotic...she was running around with the other girls by afternoon.

Friday afternoon I was working in my studio, when I heard a couple of fire engines go by...next thing I knew the yard was filled with smoke!  Our 'block' is actually 5 miles long, but down the road and around the corner, there was a severe fire....it destroyed the century old barns, which I have always admired when we walked by.  Luckily, the home and all their animals escaped unharmed.  It was such a lovely farm and so sad to see it in ruins now.  Well into the night, 20 fire companies helped to put out the blaze...I've never seen so many fire trucks.  When you live in the country, it is necessary for them to keep loading up with water, as there are no fire hydrants/public water.... so they would go around the block, stopping at a large pond up the road, fill up...then head back to the fire. 

The remainder of yesterday was spent with the boys and their families....yup...grand-babies too!  The guys love to watch football together.  Maria and I worked on a woolie project together, while Steph made tortilla soup for dinner and caught up on other things.  It was a lovely day.

I'll be back tomorrow with a few crafty finishes I've been working on...until then...May God bless you and your day.


  1. Wow, that is one wild fire! Glad all the animal were ok...and that little miss wasn't hawk dinner? What are you working on?

  2. Morning Wendy, thank goodness you went outside then, poor wee chick, bad old Hawk.....So tragic about the fire but glad all got out safe, Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh how sad. Fire can be so destructive. It really is a shame to lose those old barns. Hope the hen's wing heals very soon :)

  4. Oh..it's very sad :(
    Blessings and love for you x

  5. Wendy, my sister has chickens and she is always worrying about the Hawks. So glad your chickens are alright. So sad about the barn being distroyed. Glad you got to enjoy yesterday. Have a great day, hugs, Lecia

  6. So terrible about the fire! So sad to see. Glad your chickens were ok! Sounds like you had a fun time yesterday! HUGS.

  7. So sad to hear about the fire and so glad that nasty hawk did not get your chicks. Take care, Janice

  8. I'm glad your family members made up for such a stressful day. What a terrible loss with that fire. I'll be putting your Halloween spoolie in the mail Wednesday!

  9. so sad about the fire.

    glad your chickens are safe


  10. Oh how sad about the barn. At least no one was injured and the animals were all OK.

    Thank goodness you came out when you did for the chicken's sake. I've lost one duck to a fox and it was heart breaking.


  11. How awful about the fire, glad the animals were ok!

  12. Good grief! Too much excitement! Yea for the chick! So sad for the barn. I am glad that the people and animals are safe, but that will be a sad thing to see... Awwww...

    Love to you!


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