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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OLM Giveaway - what I love about FALL

Good morning gals.
I wanted to tell you about Marie's giveaway over at her blog, Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan.  Marie has been busy creating goodies for Fall and she's giving away this witch-e-poo, which I simply adore, especially her quirky little pumpkin necklace!

One of the requirements for entering the giveaway is that we make a post telling why we are looking forward to Fall.  Oh, I do love the warmth of summer, but Fall is such a special time too. 

 Where I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, we have lots of rolling hills and farmlands.  The area comes alive with color.   I love the beautiful colors...the yellows, oranges, reds, greens and browns.  I love the smell of fallen leaves.  I love the nip in the air.  Here in the Northeast, we also experience very warm days...called Indian summer.  These final days of warmth are our last glimpse of Summer past, as we prepare for the cold Winter months. 

I love pumpkins and gourds and cornstalks.  I love our annual family outing to the Corn Maize at a local farm, where we purposely get lost amongst the dry corn stalks and throw corn at each other.

I love the abundance of local apples, just calling to be bitten into, baked into pies, apple dumplings or crisps.  Oooh...and my mouth waters at the thought of an ice cold glass of apple cider or a mug of mulled cider on a cold evening.

I love preparing the bounty of the garden into tasty treats, making jams, jellies, salsa, applesauce and relishes to put up for the long winter ahead.

I look forward to watching the farmers spending hours and hours harvesting the vast acres of field corn and soybeans.

I love getting together with family for our annual pumpkin carving, and dressing up to scare the local trick-or-treaters.

Fall also means Friday nights spent at the high school football games, drinking mugs of hot chocolate and routing for the home team.

Oh yes, Fall is wonderful.

Thank you Marie for making me take the time to remember why Fall is such a wonderful transition into the Winter.


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Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. I love fall too, but would like more summer and more paddling time, lol. One year we had an indian summer and paddled into October, loved that.


  2. I grew up in Rochester and every Fall my parents would drive me and my 2 sisters to Naples for Fall foliage pictures - us girls were the models walking down old country roads in brightly colored clothes amidst the falling leaves...it came to and end when one year we drove down to find the dirt road had been paved! You have a beautiful area to live and enjoy all the seasons :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  3. Fall my favorite time of year if all.
    Loved your post chickie pal.
    Counting the days.
    Bring on the woolie apples and pumpkins :)

  4. Really enjoy this post...lovely pics!

  5. Wonderful post Wendy ~ I too am looking forward to fall and all that it brings!!!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Wendy, Oh memories of many Friday night football games.. FALL, the most wonderful time of year, I think!!!! HEHEHE! OLM

  7. Okay, first we have to be kindred spirits because I LOVE ALL OF THOSE THINGS! My anniversary is even in the Fall! Awwww. I kind of am dragging my heels for the summer not to end and the school year not to begin. Not that I am a fan of hot summer, but I love being home. But your post made me taste cider. Aww. I guess now I have to be excited!

    What a lovely post, dear!



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