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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LONG overdue thank you!

I'm not sure where the time goes...it's been nearly two weeks now since I received a surprise package in the mail from Tammy at A Primitive Place.  (*hangs head in shame*) I wondered why she was sending me a package and when I opened it up, there was a sweet note from Tammy saying the box of goodies was for joining her PIF back at the beginning of the year.  I joined a few PIFs back then, but this is only the second package I received as a result (my first was from Theresa). 

How thrilled I was to see all the wonderful things Tammy included.
Wonderful old coverlet and quilt pieces, tied up in ole lace

LOVE these prim labels!

Great candlestick, two cheese-cloth wrapped pantry cakes and a wonderful mustard colored towel
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to post a thank you.  I really did oooh and ahhhh my way through the package and I love everything you sent.  Your friendship is dear to me I apologize for being so delinquent!


I also received my prize for winning the latest OFG Etsy team contest.    These wonderful prim stars were made by
The Farmers Attic!  Love them.  Thank you again to everyone who participated in the voting.

Today I am determined to start on the curtains for our bedroom.  The material has been sitting in my sewing room closet for way too long! 
Hope you have a wonderfully creative and blessed day.


  1. What wonderful goodies and a sweet surprise from Tammy.
    I can't wait to see how you do curtains, still trying to figure out the ones I was working on.


  2. Hi Wendy
    I'm so happy you liked your package.
    Thanks so much for joining in.
    I'm so sorry for the delay in getting it sent out.
    It's been a crazy year.
    I have one more PIF package to get finished up, hopefully ill get that done before the year is up. ;)
    Have a great week.

  3. wow what nice items wendy. love them all, esp. the labels. blessings.

  4. Wendy,
    What awesome goodies! I bet they set the creative juices flowing! I was ooohing and ahhhing too! I so want to try printing on fabric to make labels and such. I am paranoid that I will jam up the printer, and DH will NOT be happy!

    How have you been fairing with the storms? Looks like you had quite a few ugly ones! It is foggy like pea soup right now. We've been getting a storm a day!

    Congrats on winning the contest! Your item was awesome. I looked at the contest, and I was torn! Such talented people out there. I couldn't make up my mind, so I didn't vote. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I know, silly! But I did so LOVE yours.

    I hope you are doing well, dear friend. Winston the Crown says, "Hey!!!!" Silly crow!

    Love and hugs!!!!


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