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Monday, May 13, 2013

More doll challenge photos, Special Mother's Day gifts

Hope all of you Mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!  We had my Mom and Dad, as well as Drew, Maria & sweetie Peter, over for the day.  It was a nice relaxing day.  The weather has turned colder (boo hoo), so we cozied up to a warm fire.  Maria made blueberry crisp for dessert and I made homemade pizzas for dinner.
I've received a couple more photos from gals who joined in my Spring Doll Challenge!

First off, are the wonderful creations sewn up by my dear friend, Theresa of Dulaney Woods Treasures.

Meet Annie & Clarabelle

Aren't they great?  These cuties are so different from the other creations we've seen so far.  I'm having such fun opening each email and seeing the new submissions come in! 
 I love your witches Theresa!!
Theresa writes that "this is Annie and Clarabelle...I'm sure you might have guessed that I'd do something for Halloween!  It was so much fun to do this challenge.  Thank you so much my friend for sharing your pattern and for hosting such a lovely challenge." 

 Theresa also told me that both her Mom and Sister have taken on the challenge and that she will be submitting pictures of their creations once they are completed!  What a great family project and I'm so glad they all decided to join in the fun!

The next prim pal to send me a picture was sweet Deb from Paxton Valley Folk Art and Deb's submission is so lovely!!!
Deb writes:

"I am calling her Buttercup Betty, she lives in the garden, tending the buttercups and birds and the other flowers.  Her prairie bonnet is framed with buttercup petals, she has flowers on her apron and her shoes and she has a watering can filled with posies and moss so she can spread Spring wherever she goes.  She is cradling and protecting a wee wren in her arms.

Thank you for another fun challenge, I enjoy doing them so much!  I'm entering Betty into a Cloth Doll Artistry challenge that I've entered and will be sure to let them know that Betty is from your wonderful pattern."

How awesome that Deb is entering her doll in the Cloth Doll Artistry challenge!  Hope you win Deb! Your lovely doll is so creative and full of detail - she is truly a work of art!  Buttercup Betty will be available in Deb's Etsy shop next week, as part of our OFG Etsy team 2013 Summer Fun Celebration - stay tuned for more news on that event later this week.  My doll challenge creation will also be included in the OFG Celebration, in addition to two other Summer fun creations I'm working on...oh...and I'll be showing pictures of her tomorrow!

 I just had to show you what Drew and Maria created for me for Mother's Day!
They made these goodies all by themselves - no patterns!  I am just amazed by their creativity.  The care, thought and time that went into my gifts means so much!
The detail that they both put into their projects is amazing.  I wish you could see the cute little crow babies up close...and the little necklace and adorable feet on the crow mama.  Drew's birdhouse is also awesome...now...I have to tell you that Drew hasn't done many woodworking projects yet, but he did an amazing job on the saltbox birdhouse!  He even created a picket fence out of popsicle sticks, painstakingly cutting the little pickets on the top of each one.  Maria helped to paint it.  I plan to mount it on the front porch, to keep it protected from the elements - it is too nice to put out in the weather, but I am sure some birdie would love to make a home in it!
I am so very blessed to have such loving sons and daughter-in-laws!
Thank you so much Drew, Maria and Peter!

Have a great Monday everyone - I'm off to do some laundry and finish up my projects for the OFG Summer Celebration!


  1. Lovely thoughtful gifts from Drew and Maria! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.All the dolls have been amazing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. What wonderful Mother's Day gifts!!! Made with love and attention for one sweet lady. Love all the dolls everyone made...each of them so very different too. :0) When do we get to see your lovely creation?

  3. Morning, such sweet dolls, talented crafters.......glad you had a great day, Francine.

  4. What wonderful dolls and creative ideas for the pattern. Love your gifts, wonderful and so thoughtful.


  5. Great post Wendy, Annie & Clarabelle are adorable. Everyone's dolls have been so different, the creativity in blogland is amazing! And thanks for posting Buttercup Betty <3 Wonderful and thoughtful Mother's Day gifts from your kids, they certainly know what you love! And Wendy, I hate to tell you, but the OFG Giveaway you posted about is from 2011! Not sure where the mix-up occured but OFG isn't having a giveaway that I'm aware of, just our celebration starting on May 20th on Etsy LOL! Have a great day and I can't wait to see YOUR doll! Deb

    1. Yes, Deb ....long story there...the link has been taken down. Lesson learned...don't try to do serious blog work at midnight! LOL

  6. Love the gifts from Drew and Maria.
    How special and thoughtful.
    Those dolls are adorable.
    What talented and creative ladies.
    Enjoy your day, Wendy

  7. Cute dolls...it's so fun to see what everyone comes up with!
    Great Mother's Day gifts, very thoughtful...glad to hear you had a nice one:)

  8. Love the new dolls, Wendy! Your gifts from the 'kids' are wonderful! Obviously, you've passed on some of your talent!
    Love the Dolls from the Challenge! Can't wait to see yours!

  9. All these dolls are just amazing! I will have to make a Halloween themed doll, and I just love Buttercup's bonnet!

  10. Wendy, what great dolls! I have been MIA in blogland lately... This might of been something to have jumped started my missing MOJO... oh well, what fun to see what everyone has created! OLM


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