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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday meandering...

Mornin' Prim Peeps!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  For the most part it was sunny for us, but still cold.  There have been so many funnies going around about that ole groundhog and how he should be fired!  I'm sure the people to our east and south are feeling that even more this morning as they deal with yet another snow storm.  We've been spared today with sun - yippee!

I see snowdrops attempting to peek out from the snow...a very welcome sight indeed, but I long for the color of green and the beautiful daffodil blooms.  Perhaps it is fitting that this week is dull and dreary, as we commemorate the death of our Lord on the cross...let's hope that with the hope of the resurrection on Easter, that the earth will be renewed as well, and warmth and Spring will really come!

Marie at OLM is having a sweet giveaway, and asked us to post about what we will do once this weather breaks for good and Spring truly arrives.  The first things I will do is pick up all the sticks that have dropped during this windy and cold winter..then I'll rake the leaves off of my flower beds and get busy making them neat and tidy so that when the flowers bloom, they will be glorious!  I'll start browsing the garden centers for new perennials to add to my gardens, and plan what annuals I will plant too.  I can't wait to feel the warm Spring sun and hear the birds singing happily, rather than huddling in the pine bushes for shelter.

Years ago I made some Honey - whole wheat rolls for Easter, and shaped them into chicks.  I have since lost the recipe, but found this fun version online.
 At Easter dinner, we’d all say “Awwwww” when Grandma brought out these adorable rolls.
 It uses frozen bread dough, but if you like to make your own (like I do), you can adapt the recipe for that.  It's a cute way to help bring a little extra Easter to the table.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Morning Friend
    I too cant wait to get outside and play.
    Working outside in Spring is so fun.
    Even the cleaning up part.
    Oh flowers I miss you.
    We are covered in white.
    Yummy chicks rolls.
    Woolie Hugs

  2. Oh to see daffodils! Too much snow here. It will be good to be able to get out in the yard and work again. Thanks for the picture so we can see what it will look like. :)


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